Is there any way to add.

Vogeler: Emporio cl*** is prob easiest to do, you just p*** an array of options, like text field, checkbox, file upload the cl*** i mentioned

Tanh: Fris: I’m no PHP expert

Vogeler: Then the cl*** would be easiest

Ashwood: Hansel, read it, not sure what youre trying to accomplish though

Vogeler: Check out the example

Vogeler: In your thrme you would just do an include of the cl*** and the array of options seen in the example file

Hille: Fris: seem not ended with ?

Vogeler: Comment out that function, to see if thats the issue

Fierman: As pastebin show my last line of code functions.php

Kolp: My directory is: root /    ___ Folder1    ___ ArchivoPrueba.php       _____ CarpetaWordpress I try to open the archivoPrueba.php but when loading the page is not open, why?

Vogeler: Or comment most of the functions file so you can see which is the culprit

Pender: What do you mean by comment out that function?

Vogeler: Hansel is it in the root? or in a sub dir?

Vogeler: LowKey comment it out so its not being run :p

Heininger: Http://

Vogeler: So you can see which part of the functions file is making it broken

Thibeau: So pudes better visualize what I’m saying

Vogeler: Hansel is the page created by wp? or by just regular php

Vogeler: If its your own php page, you will need to put an exclude in your htaccess, cause wp is routing it thinking its part of the wordpress install

Femat: As I can exclude it from my .htaccess

Vogeler: Http://

Kett: Thanks, I will review the link.

Sulikowski: Hey guys. WordPress noob with a question. I have some images on a wordpress site of mine. Its a purchased theme but I’d love to have a hover on an image so when you hover on it you get a box of text giving a description. Is this doable and any suggestions how? site is

Delrossi: Its the cl***es section on the would be cool if on hover I could get it the image to go dark with text on top describing the cl***.

Vogeler: CMFDesign yes its possible you would simply have to apply the correct css and markup for the thumbnail

Swims: I just am unsure on the interface for wordpress, so wouldn’t really know how to achieve this.

Vogeler: Can you show me which images on the site?

Albero: Yes sure, its the cl***es section. So if you scroll down the homepage you’ll see a side scrolling section outlining the cl***es the gym offers. I’d love to have the image show a description of the cl*** on hover.

Bussard: I am doing it as a favour, I have some CSS knowledge but I am still quite limited. This is me teaching myself and doing a friend a favour

Vogeler: Http://***es/ this?

Bluto: No, if you go to here and scroll down the homepage you’ll see a section of the homepage titled ‘our cl***es’

Preble: Https://

Vogeler: There is already a hover but on the text/title, you would have to add the hover for the image, how are adding the images? is it via options, or is it in the actual design

Flaherty: How can i create individual rss feeds for CPT’s ?

Messano: So visitors can subscribe to News, Events etc

Jeng: VectorX: wordpress/">

Jeng: Your google fu is weak, VectorX Did you even try to look that up?

Heally: Jeng yeah i did, guess i wasnt using the right serach terms

Jeng: WordPress custom post feed

Sunder: Is there any way to add text on hovering image when the image is selected using the featured image?