Link type=”text/css”.

Tinn: Css question not still answered :

Tinn: To generally space elements in a page, is margin-top usually the go to way?

Lodrigue: Ohmy, white-space: nowrap is also required for ellipsis.

Magee: Sl33k if it works, of course – but if you talk about “alignment” of inline-blocks f.e. “vertical-align” is a more proper way to go

Gartin: Hey guys. i’m a backend developer with a pretty woeful knowledge of CSS. my markup is alright but in terms of styling it’s something that i’ve always delegated. however i’m interested in getting better with it and would like some resources to learn from. do you guys have any recommendations?

Mcgarrigle: Danbower, Resources to help you get started:

Aycock: I have 3 divs, whose heights are about 40px, 20px and 20px in Chrome, but 40px, 20px, and 40px in Firefox. I believe the difference is because in the last div, I have some buttons which are also 20px in Chrome, but 40px in Firefox the text on the buttons spans two lines in Firefox vs one line in Chrome.

Harleston: Sl33k, Cascading Style Sheets. CSS2.1 spec at, CSS modules specs including CSS3 at

Bibian: I have no idea why the text spans two lines in Firefox and not in Chrome — any ideas? Would this be because of font differences?

Marrett: Emaczen: form input styling very browser-dependent

Marrett: Emaczen: font differences are a possibility. a testcase would help. or a link to your site

Marrett: Emaczen: it’d help maybe to get a 3rd browser to compare. do you have like IE11 handy?

Fennessey: Can I download IE11 on Linux?

Marrett: Emaczen: I use a VM for that under linux

Marrett: But yes, microsoft offers VM images for just that

Marrett: Emaczen:

Marrett: Emaczen: don’t forget to hit ctrl-0 in firefox, just in case you accidentally did a zoom or something ☺

Deland: Nemo: Which “platform” should I select. I picked IE11 for Win7 for “Virtual Machine”

Garsee: My options are: VirtualBox VMWare, VPC etc.

Marrett: Emaczen: I use virtualbox personally

Marrett: Bit more user friendly

Marrett: Not as much of a power user thing I guess, but seems to work well

Bearup: Why do these VMs expire after 90 days?

Marrett: Emaczen: IE testing probably a good idea anyway, but if you want us to take a quick look, feel free to link.

Marrett: Emaczen: because microsoft doesn’t want you to have a free copy of windows

Marrett: Might be possible to crack them, dunno


Lieske: Nemo that is the link


Alfson: Let me know if you can see it?

Marrett: I can’t access those ports from here, sorry

Marrett: Firewall is kinda strict

Marrett: I could setup a relay, but, eh, too much trouble. why aren’t you hosting on port 80/443?

Marrett: Emaczen: just put something up on I guess

Rewakowski: I haven’t hosted it yet.

Ilarraza: Nemo: Give me a second to get it on webdevout

Boderick: Hi, I have in s*** rem calculation function. I convert pixels to rem, but as result, font doesn’t look like in pixel size, it look a lot smaller.

Stamand: Im running ubuntu and for some reason my image will not display

Kofford: I was hoping that 19px/16px*1rem, would end up font looking like 19px in all platforms.

Henne: I set url./img/myimage.png;

Gaye: _dreamer: maybe it doesn’t exist

Heglin: What makes you think it does?

Gaudreau: Link type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” href=”res/css/default.css” /