I want the same effect as a.

Rosemond: But I am not an expert in mysql, so am I allowed to offer a small paid job here in the chat?

Pich: Twirl, it depends. but mostly it won’t work. make backups!

Holshovser: Jkavalik: nono man it has to work it can’t be this stupid

Magnotta: Twirl, same version and same config is quite important config more than version probably

Arras: Jkavalik: man i just need to copy a database from another hard drive

Pilkins: Twirl, you cannot just move tables between servers by data files – it is not stupid so it does a lot of things you do not know about

Walterman: Jkavalik: its not tables its a database

Cosby: In phpmyadmin i can do it in 1 minute

Digirolamo: This should be even easier

Hallinger: Twirl, take care what you say

Hanshew: Twirl, myisam or innodb? innodb stores lot of data without innodb_file_per_table set it is even “all” data in ibdata files – for all databases on the server

Chabbez: If anyone is interested in a small paid job pls pm me for further details

Marcelli: Twirl, phpmyadmin has export, mysql has other export tools mysqldump mostly – if you use that you are ok, but you cannot move just one “innodb” database between servers just by moving “raw” files

Buddie: Jkavalik: i have the drive mounted just tell me what to do?

Steibel: Spaceman75, you can try giving some info, prepare a pastie or sqlfiddle.com and maybe you get some hints even for free ;

Mench: I dont feel like restarting my server and booting from the other drive

Zagorac: Which luckily i could do if i needed to

Barthell: Twirl, does the drive contain entire datadir of some mysql server? if yes, retrieve config for it and install/redirect the same mysql version to that datadir and dump what you want

Dible: Jkavalik: retrieve config? install/redirect the same mysql version to that datadir and dump? man that would probably take a lot more time than to just boot from the other drive and export the database

Ventur: Don’t u have a quick and easy way, there has to be one, i have the data right there

Giltner: Is this a security measure or something :

Kostal: Twirl, then reboot and dump, it is the most simple and safe solution if you can

Pistilli: Twirl, no, it is the structure of the data, mysql has not separate databases database is mostly a namespace so there are lot of “global” data and catalogues etc

Keidong: And you do not want to mess those up

Bracher: There are more “efficient” ways of moving data, but I am not sure they would work without the active server – xtrabackup can be better faster than dump, but if you dont have tens of GB then dump is good

Zaro: Nice, this bios from the year 2000 doesn’t even have boot order for multiple hard drives

Gladden: I am trying to use a 3rd party application called Podbox, this syncs data between my Zoho account and my contacts tables in myphpadmin

Kralicek: For some reason the stored procedures are failing

Sneed: And they are beyond my skill level

Wilkosz: So I am happy to pay someone to fix this

Riechers: Jkavalik: okay it worked, ty

Torrance: Whats the best way to reset a database without using the DROP DATABASE command?

Dume: Nuge: what do you mean by reset?

Naquin: Danblack – i’m looking to drop all tables, sprocs, views etc and run a script that re-creates everything enm***e.

Sommese: I want to be able to iterate the script to being correct, on a test-database that can be burned each time

Keney: Yes but painful. drop database is a lot simplier.

Pele: Nuge, you can iterate through information_schema and get that info.

Thibadeau: I was hoping to avoid that if possible

Agins: I want the same effect as a drop database, but don’t want my sciprt to be run against the mysql tables if the create-step of that database were to fail for some reason