As long as you don’t build.

Somvang: Yeah afroradiohead but you do that because with a doc engine you generate pretty little readable specs

Masella: No. don’t do that. that’s worse than no docs

Masella: The doc engine can put the function name there for you

Mcerlean: Ah that makes sense, I guess I haven’t worked with a doc engine before is the issue

Masella: Most people who need do***entation are looking at the code anyway

Seaholtz: Maybe in a specific context you’re thinking of. but plenty of API’s are used without looking at a single line of the code

Masella: Most code isn’t released as a library on the internet

Mongeau: Only because someone’s not shipping and they should be

Masella: Code is not the product

Dorff: API’s are written for consumers, they are a product yes

Madeau: I understand the context of what you’re saying though

Coiro: Though honestly, it’s a bit bouncy-back-and-forthy. because if you care about the coders reading your code, you write self-do***ent code. if self-do***enting code is impossible, you painfully extend into comments if and when necessary. that’s it

Masella: If i am a developer tasked with _editing someone’s software_, i am not on a website looking at an HTML generated doc. i’m in the code

Masella: No. comments are not do***entation!

Masella: Do***entation is the paragraph near the function declaration that explains why the function exists

Tumulty: Good comments explain motivation, and history. that’s it.

Coster: Motivation and history.

Masella: Self-commenting code, that’s a thing, but that’s just called “readable code”

Wilcut: Tumulty: try not to jump in only right now because there’s a lot of history to this convo that’s more confusing than you’d know

Tumulty: History’s not required to point out what good comments are, but ok

Alldredge: I like the idea of history and motivation though

Rowden: Tumulty: true, by the way did you actually have to change nvm? because it installed the new node no problem for me

Masella: Also, i generally relegate history to the version control, unless there’s some pressing need to explain “this very bad code is still here because some client refuses to upgrade”

Tumulty: Games: it works. but there’s some changes needed wrt checksums and stuff.

Tumulty: Games: nothing major tho.

Laskin: Masella: heh annoyingly enough I’ve seen that too many times

Thornbrough: I’m sure we all havve

Haw: Tumulty: haha by nothing major you mean my machine is now HIJACKED

Tumulty: Games: iojs checksums have never been enabled ¯_ツ_/¯

Frohlich: Grr software development is too slow, I wanna my future self to be able to keep up with his own ideas

Masella: That’s what a ticket tracker is for

Sanko: I’ve honestly never touched iojs

Sharpless: Ah right, i’ve been so busy chatting i forgot to download gitlab and jira

Tumulty: Games: now you have. node 4 is iojs :-

Muccia: Object.find Tumulty. imma do everything in my power to convince you too convince them. Do you like red velvet carrot cheesecake?

Yanagida: If so what’s your address, blood type and dob

Tumulty: It’s basically the same thing

Yeargin: Alright imma double check

Schilz: Not gonna deny that the advice to ship is pretty important, i need to start taking that seriously

Silago: Well, the way i see it, you’re coding for a purpose. you can get lost in the code, or you can see the code as an obstacle to the purpose

Reidy: I know a lot of absolutely crap devs who have done 100x more than i have

Depolito: I stopped messing with code for maybe 10 years and i have to say that since i’ve been gone, the giants have gotten much bigger

Errera: As long as you don’t build an unstable foundation on and unstable foundation that was built on an unstable foundation.