Hey guys, on a InnoDB table.

Slupe: Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its

Yap: Affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective

Bomar: So, put in your .my.cnf this:

Minier: I was already doubting my sanity

Sprock: Socket=/var/run/myslq.sock

Laskowski: Then you don’t have to mention the –socket-parameter everytime

Tiffner: Socket=/var/run/mysqld.sock sorry

Morna: I ran a query on mysql, using REPL , and it just hanged. No error, nothing. Any idea what could cause such a thing?

Thidphy: Can anyone tell what causes mysql to hang?

Eickhorst: Can that be because of comparison of nil values? example nil1500

Jaffee: Hi, I have been using postgres in production at heroku. I am working on a application that is heavily relational/normalized and I need a very reliable database. Does anyone know if i can rely on mysql for production data at heroku?

Cordes: The reason I ask is cause the ORM I use, has a bug for postgres, that works on mysql

Bedre: But I always considered mysql more of a demo-database type of thing

Harajli: Not gonna wait for them the ORM devs to fix this bug, it has been open for ~1 year. A alternative database will be a quicker solution

Quilliam: How do I set defaults in a mysql database?

Sheinbein: Danblack: Sorry, I have no idea about that manual entry.

Miville: Danblack: I know its column-name DEFAULT value

Larranaga: Danblack: somehow its not working. The value in columns is going nil

Kellems: I thought you where talking settings with the original question.

Fruit: No error log. The values are added automatically. Once I get the data I can see nil values

Skalsky: What structure? what insert?

Santoriella: I need to create the new table first! was testing on the old one

Ribera: Sheeesh sorry for wasting ur time

Bendtsen: Amazing what looking at detail does. occams razor strikes again.

Beckert: Hello, i have problem when i’m service mysqld start

Huyghe: FAIL. The server quit without updating PID file /data/mysql/mysql.pid. . failed!

Bunning: SELECT SUMdistance FROM flights WHERE YEAR = 2013 AND MONTH = 1 AND tailnum IS NULL;

Traviss: Does this seem correct, im getting a really high number just wanted to make sure it looks right.

Varieur: Sangomio: is that for a school exam?

Mcalary: I has worked with postgres before and now im being asked to work with mysql

Varieur: Sangomio: ask your teacher, then. Otherwise you’re cheating.

Looney: Well i’ve worked with postgres before so im familiar with some Vasko.

Varieur: Ok. You’ll figure it out, then.

Bagnoli: I think i got it, just had a hiccup with count and sum silly me.

Papka: I thought this discussion was a bit friendlier.

Varieur: Sangomio: you goofed up when you said it was for a school ***ignment.

Abercombie: I dont think it should matter, as long as its advancing my knowledge on the subject even if its something as silly as misunderstanding a bit of Vasko.

Stjuste: But thanks, your input is greatly appreciated.

Varieur: Sangomio: if you want to learn, make a test case with sqlfiddle.com, and tell us why you think the number is high

Ransberger: Hmm, interesting site, thanks for sharing.

Hollenbeck: Sum and count are really diferent and i think that confusion was the culprit.

Varieur: Sangomio: if you’re new to sql, use a tutorial to learn basics.

Sivers: Question is there a tableau discussion community?

Varieur: No idea what a “tableau” is

Selin: Hey guys, on a InnoDB table in 5.6.22. Adding a non-unique index to a single field, will it lock the table for reads/writes?