In the dom to “clone” it or.

Coger: NewPath = newPath . “&pageCounter=”+postData.pageCounter;

Coger: What is that supposed to be? 😛

Coger: Perhaps you’ve forgotten which language you’re in

Hutti: Coger: i feel incredibly stupid right now ______

Coger: Protip: the + operator concatenates strings, not .

Neally: Coger: anyway thank you i was blocked on this stupid syntax error for too long, i’m gonna take a break

Bibles: How would you access a folder full of images, get the url for each image and put it in an array, then {{each}} over that array to display each image on a page of my choosing?

Schoof: Claytonzaugg, client-side or server-side?

Malikowski: Client side, using Meteor, the folder is on the server

Tei: Well, if you want client-side code to reach the folder, you’d need to serve an index file with all the images

Bramall: So you could query it with an XHR and then p**** each element

Gustavson: There’s no way client-side code can know about the folder contains unless told explicitly by the server

Flammang: Or directory listing is enabled

Ginsberg: I thought I was doing that already.

Starmer: That has the code I’m using to access the folder, I thought.

Dietzler: I don’t know FS, sorry.

Shen: It’s part of the package CollectionFS for Meteor

Tagliente: Anyone work with the amazon API before

Pennix: When i do “new Date.getTime” is that always UTC?

Husul: I’ve never played with Meteor. But what you want to achieve looks strange to me. Browser code accessing file system?

Rautio: Or is it up to the computer?

Septer: Is it Unix Epoch time?

Kofler: Carolin, computer. Wait a sec.

Misner: Just **** ‘new Date’ give me ‘Sun Sep 06 2015 17:42:08 GMT+0200 CEST’

Bruski: Thanks indr, I’ll keep researching CollectionFS

Woodand: Hagb4rd: number 1441554242249

Bakaler: So im apparently in +2 GMT/UTC

Axline: Time is measured in ECMAScript in milliseconds since 01 January, 1970 UTC.

Sitsler: But i dont know if that is reflected in the number

Thrune: Straight from the spec

Glow: Manross: sure, but is Sun Sep 06 2015 17:42:08 GMT+0200 CEST

Heiner: Carolin, new DateDate.UTC

Sitterson: Indr: that gives me invalid date :

Marren: Where’s the js bot here

Woodand: Carolin: TypeError: Date.getTime is not a constructor

Woodand: Carolin: number 1441554323134

Maragno: Is that a unix timestamp?

Blome: My computer and ecma bot are 6887 out, and if thats milliseconds, thats only 6 seconds right?

Heyde: So i think thats right

Crafts: Carolin:

Toothill: Http://

Dunseith: Is using event.pageX in an eventhandler safe or will it bork in some browsers?

Smart: Hihi, it’s nice to meet you at different places here no_gravity

Straugter: Anotheryou: i remember your name, but . where else did we meet again?

Fanizza: No_gravity, you showed me your experiments and I try to build a news aggregator

Caruth: Anotheryou: oh yes, i remember. hows it going?

Brashears: Hi. I’m a beginner and try to build with ajax. I get a json array of many elements I want to put in many similar html code. Where and how do I best store my html template? Hidden and in the actual dom? or in the function that updates the dom?

Omersa: In the dom to “clone” it or in the function to spit it out with the update