Babcom: no problem then..

Beato: Any reasons not to use utf8mb4_unicode_ci as my schema collation?

Correl: Troop: And I don’t trust you :

Correl: Troop: Now if you INSERT INTO certificates VALUES ; SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID; SELECT MAXid FROM certificates; you should get 555555, 555555

Correl: Troop: Provided that INSERT does not fail with error

Caristo: Salle: with crappy GUI it works normal, and with perfect console too.

Stankus: Salle: does php insert command may break auto_increment default value setting?

Correl: Troop: I stopped using php around 2002 so please don’t ask me

Danfield: Troop: no INSERT does, unless you break it by using a value of your own

Bernt: Salle what do you use? and suggest,

Lees: Danfield: i did not enter value to id with php

Danfield: Troop: you made some mistake. don’t blame your app code unless you can site a bug report backing it up

Lencioni: Im using laravel. and asking there too

Lingerfelter: Its my mistake. i was truncating the table.

Dauberman: When i truncated mysql resets increment to zero.

Danfield: Troop: “At the heart of all ‘computer errors’ are two human errors. One of which is blaming the computer.”

Correl: Troop: TRUNCATE TABLE . is DROP + CREATE so the auto_increment is reset to 0

Danfield: Troop: and the other is PEBCAK :-

Paules: It is working now, i will cry

Danfield: Troop: live and learn

Mrnak: Express: You don’t have to ask to ask, or state: “I have a question”, Don’t ask: “Is anyone around?” or “Can anyone help?”. Just Ask The Question. Also, please read:

Florez: Anyone know what the default address for phpmyadmin should be on Debian, directly after an install with apt-get install phpmyadmin?

Danfield: Express: see the /topic. maybe ask in #phpmyadmin. we don’t support it.

Nunnelee: Is someone there ? I need some help with mysql on a CentOS6 please

Nedry: Or maybe someone can invite me on the centoshelp chan ?

Danfield: Just ask the question

Yasin: I really don’t understand why but mysql won’t start. and I can’t find the log files

Kanipe: It’s a 5.6 installation

Buhmann: I only get a Mysql daemon failed to start

Danfield: Babcom: the error log is generally in /var/log. you might find it in the datadir though

Danfield: Babcom: /var/lib/mysql

Danfield: Babcom: there might be a log file location setting in /etc/my.cnf

Danfield: Babcom: the main config file

Moneypenny: Danfield thx a lot you’re right I’ve found it

Katynski: Danfield now reading it to try understand why it won’t start

Danfield: Babcom: tail the last 50 lines or so and the output and someone might take a look

Cookson: Here is my log file :

Danfield: Babcom: look at line 15

Danfield: Babcom: has mysql server started before? did you manually change some files or directories in the datadir at some point?

Heberling: Indeed there is something there

Moyers: No, It was an upgrade from mysql 5.1 to 5.6

Eustache: I did follow all the steps

Sladky: Maybe I’ve missed somthing

Danfield: Babcom: sorry, you have to upgrade from 5.1 to 5.5, and then upgrade 5.5 to 5.6

Danfield: Babcom:

Cravy: Danfield, so now, what should I so ? remove everything and start from scratch ?

Danfield: Babcom: do you have backups of your earlier databases?

Parraga: Nope, there were no databases before on it

Danfield: Babcom: no problem then. I’d purge the mysql server and client installations and start fresh. but Centos6 repos don’t include 5.6 mysql, do they?