I m reading again the.

Hrcka: On the plugin css’s i didn’t find it

Kaauamo: Can u tell me where exactly to find it

Grain: Kisser: Please use the built-in Developer Tools of your browser to fix problems with your website. Right click your page and pick “Inspect Element” Cr, FF, Op or press F12-button IE to track down CSS problems. Use the console to see JavaScript bugs.

Ciampi: Opsec i tired that way.

Nordeen: Kisser: https://developer.chrome.com/devtools

Roepke: It not showing what is overidden the orignal css.

Nordeen: How would anyone here know? you’re not very forthcoming with facts or details and so far communication skills aren’t helping much either ;

Girten: Http://prntscr.com/8i7c9p

Kozatek: Http://prntscr.com/8i7d7m

Sontag: Does any one know good BBpress Free Theme ?

Solas: Depends on what you’re looking for

Simon: The default one is pretty neat

Vanbebber: You can always edit it

Duris: Hello all, can someone lease tell me where to edit the header in my theme? I am editing the header file but no matter where i place the new div it is outside of the existing header div. I also looked for the existing header div in all php files and did not find it anywhere

Whelan: Any help would be greatly appreciated

Desanto: Or at least point me in the right direction of where i can find the answer as i am new to wordpress but not html or css

Boyce: Sterndata: guess what didn’t work.

Blackaby: Jobbe: what doesn’t work?

Reckling: Sterndata: that no e-mail thing you told me to do

Lawford: Oh, well, it was worth a try.

Rohrer: Or just go ahead and update WordPress and it will stop bugging you!

Quick: Thats only a temp fix

Sweeton: I haven’t heard of this happening to anyone else. Usually, you get one notice or one per day.

Kvilhaug: I get almost two each hour

Belon: Do you happen to have any plugins installed that notify you of updates?

Mcgilberry: What a mess migrating joomla sites :

Ditto: The only one i could thing of is jetpack

Minto: Jetpack doesn’t send update notices.

Magnotti: Maybe you have something stuck in the cron table? Dunno.

Mokriski: Run a cron on my server instead

Volking: And not that fake cron

Espeland: Calling wp-cron.php directly?

Ackies: wordpress/wp-cron-crontab/">Https://rtcamp.com/tutorials/wordpress/wp-cron-crontab/

Cronauer: Simply to reduce page load time

Celuch: I asked you what you’re doing, not for a link

Winingear: That link explains what i do

Lennon: Yea just read the link

Gemma: Jaelae: migrating from one CMS to another is always a mess, whichever CMS and whichever direction

Ohyama: I mean i cannot “migrate it”

Sandor: I did a drupal to WP. Got it right on the 3rd try.

Dougher: Here is my joomla site: http://www.hytorc.com

Hutchcroft: Hello everyone. I need to create a form that would fill in a customized database. I also need a way for the users of the website to be able to search in the database and display the results. Is it possible with a plugin or do I have to code everything ? It sounds ´basic´to me but I can´t find anything at the moment :/

Brugal: Julius86: Google result for formidable pro – https://formidablepro.com/

Kon: Opsec: Thank you but I think that its not what I´m looking for. This plugin like contact form DB is able to create a form and store all the datas in a SQL DB. It´s great and its part of what I want to do but I still need a way for my users to search in that DB and display the results on the website.

Nordeen: I don’t see anything in your statement that eliminates formidable.

Nordeen: Https://formidablepro.com/knowledgebase/advanced-search-forms/

Surdam: I m reading again the features