Am using buddypress.

Berri: I have jquery loaded a few times

Cayne: I did not program it, to be that way

Stolzenberg: So I want to change it so that it is loaded once and only once for the entire page

Libbey: BOGO:

Scheuerman: BOGO: especiall

Sterling: What URL do I specify for my custom plugin ajax call?

Deary: Img.wp-smiley, I want that gone too

Ohl: BOGO: disable wp stats in jetpack

Lourdes: Can I still see it in

Mceachron: Should I use google then?

Smudrick: I cannot tell you what you *should* do. What do you want to achieve?

Harvell: That as much of the “junk” code is no longer in my pages

Salgero: You decide what’s “junk”. I cannot decide that for you.

Nifong: Just if I want stats do I switch over to google ****ytics?

Beidler: IMO, “junk” is stuff that’s there that has no functional value for you. So, what do you want to achieve?

Saft: Speed and performance

Baugess: I prefer google ****ytics. There are those here who prefer other tools.

Harcum: Opsec: WP Slimstat –

Nordeen: Giving google your data serves no purpose other than to help them, unless you’re running an active ad campaign with them

Copper: OK I think the SEO from Yeost

Affleck: When I go to use the WP API to make an App out of my website, am I going to incur difficulty when parts are powered by BuddyPress, or is there an API for that too?

Nordeen: If you’re not, then using GA only helps google

Brabble: OK then google is out

Nordeen: There’s a GA clone called “piwik” that will give you far more details and control than GA will ever allow

Benisek: ScoDal:

Nordeen: GA picks what to show you, they do not show you all the stats they gather.

Scotting: Does piwik have a plugin or is it just code?

Nordeen: It’s a completely separate self hosted app that requires a dedicated server or vps container

Zipf: Is wordmove posible on windows machine?

Nordeen: It’s similar to how you’d download wp and install it.

Nordeen: You download the piwik package, create a database, setup a vhost, etc.

Spearin: OK. if not I wont worry about stats

Nordeen: Then you add your sites to it and add the site code similarly to GA, but it’s self hosted.

Weflen: I am not super concerned about stats

Keuper: Anyone familiar with wordmove?

Stampley: Thanks sterndata, this seems like a yes I’ll be ok. as I keep looking here

Vanroekel: Not that it will be totally easy, but it will at least be feasible lol that’s all I ask for

Crookshanks: Anyone know of a function to add product count against product categories in appearence menus product categories ?

Nordeen: You should forget about “products” or “categories” and instead focus on “taxonomies” .

Cordrey: Yeah but thats not giving much results in google either

Hayzlett: Problem is, because its bombarded with frontend menu results, its insanely difficult to find a admin specific result

Vandenbergh: Been looking for this for past few weeks tbh, not found anything

Layfield: Ryan– you want them to show the count in the wp-admin when listing them?

Weadon: Also have been trying to find the best minify plugin

Slama: Anyone was able to fix

Reusch: The buddy press avatar

Sincock: Is showing 152px 152 px

Wachs: Am using buddypress plugin