Whirledpress: Yes,.

Barvick: But to face facts, it’s because we’re noobs

Barvick: You can argue that CSS isn’t logical, but if you’re familiar enough with it it starts to make sense

Barvick: When I have my own dev shop, anyone who says that will be immediately hired

Soukkhavong: Shoky_: am i right that the callback function gets deleted after successful execution?

Keir: Zumba_ad_: by jquery you mean? sure, jquery deletes its’ reference to the callback, i believe

Crutch: But generally speaking about jsonp, that’s not correct, only about jquery and its reference to your callback

Knipfel: Https://youtu.be/EnxeKpW2zqI Kamuela

Barvick: Whirledpress: video is private

Ceraso: Yes, i was referring to jquery

Mclester: Https://youtu.be/EnxeKpW2zqI doesn’t work?

Mcguirl: Another question. How can I get the type of error thrown just like how are apiPrefilter captures when it does a retry?

Bellman: I need to stop retry when request is a jsonp. I noticed that multiple retries of jsonp and a timeout exceeding shows multiple Uncaught TypeError not a function

Lewellen: This is what I added inside error: to prevent from js exception happening – http://pastebin.com/5j2WUKYs

Barvick: Yep, relevant zumba_ad_

Barvick: Whoops goes to whirledpress

Barvick: Sorry I’m getting kind of tired and I’m not sure why

Eby: Barvick: I looked at the 3 params, it doesn’t contain the value that I see in our $.ajaxPrefilter

Barvick: Zumba_ad_: sorry I didn’t mean to tag you, so disregard everything i said

Wagg: I found the text I need it’s under xhr.statusText :

Raitt: Hi guys can someone help me out with JS ? Trying to get a DDslick menu working on my wordpress site http://manolzemultimedia.com.au/ourmelbourne/

Tenuta: Hello again, everyone. I’m dealing with WordPress and as probably know WP has single.php which displays the whole post, what I want now is – I want to load that single.php inside a div called .project-info and from there display everything on the index page

Andres: Vanbecelaere, you will need to use AJAX to do that. I’d suggest using an ajax plugin for wp

Haga: Manrig, did you get your problem solved?

Ledy: Whirledpress: I got it, I use .load but I’m still struggling a bit – it works in responsive screen but it doesn’t load the content if the screen is bigger than 800px, no idea why: http://pastebin.com/rQjw1huX

Fuertes: Vanbecelaere, there could be a million and two reasons why it isn’t working. I am not sure without knowing a lot more detail. Like does ajax return and error or blank content?

Thoma: Whirledpress: What’s error or blank content – what do you mean with that?

Seto: Or does it return the expected content, but doesn’t show on the screen. Does it only happen after the content was loaded responsive then not

Simonetty: It loads the content in responsive mode, if the screen is loaded on the bigger screen, bigger than 800px than it will not load anything

Rupar: See the problem seems to me that you are loading the entire html do***ent into a div.

Souffrant: I am doing it, since it’s nothing else than the content, which I want

Turvaville: One sec, i’ll make a fiddle

Doig: Whirledpress: Alright, thanks

Colon: Try something along these lines to see what you are getting returned from the ajax: http://jsfiddle.net/Whirl3d/mpba51yk/

Crunkleton: Now, it is also possible that you can’t find .project-info the second time. Try loading it on the big screen first, then the smaller one and see if it still works the same

Westaby: Whirledpress: Still the same, doesn’t load the content on the bigger screen

Pacini: Do you get the error?

Galicinao: No, I don’t get an error

Raucci: No alert is showing up

Holleran: And you added the code I suggested, right?

Lifshitz: Whirledpress: Yes, copy&pasted lol