Do you have FTP or SSH.

Valderas: Everage: Are you by any chance running a SEO plugin? ;

Montfort: Because WordPress doesn’t remove anything from your slugs

Everage: Jiron, Is it because of yoast? 😀

Hanhardt: SEO plugins do, quite commonly

Everage: Jiron, you are a life saver!

Everage: Jiron, BTW, the SEO plugin is already disabled on my localhost. But I still get the year removed from slug :

Vogeler: Anyone know a filter for removing the sub total field on the checkout page for woocommerce

Bonaventure: Hi, how to get custom fields of an media item? Like an image.

Vogeler: Defoe custom fields for an image dont exist

Yantis: Wpmf_gallery_custom_image_link

Mutchler: How to get this field?

Fusaro: Help i can’t see the wp-admin page

Waka: Because i messed with the functions.php

Bevens: Http://

Vogeler: You must be using a plugin to add the fields, by default they dont exist

Vallery: Does anyone know how to restore wp-admin? i already tried downloading the theme and then replacing the functions.php file on my server

Everage: Fris, Is there any reason for wordpress removing 2015 or any other year from the slug? SEO plugin is off :

Vogeler: Pleasedaddy_ rename the theme dir

Vogeler: Then try to access wp-admin

Ankenman: Rename the theme dir. where?

Everage: Fris, any idea? your snippet works. But something removes the year field appended to slug.

Affeltranger: Does anyone know how to load single.php inside a div with Ajax?

Everage: Vautour, Make your single.php output plain then use jQuery load to load it on the other page.

Piening: Everage: Yeah, I follow on that part but I don’t know how to trigger all the posts to load them specifically

Hemanes: How do i rename the theme directory?

Galvin: What do i rename it to? so confused *cries*

Herz: Would it work if i just deleted the theme and re uploaded the whole thing, or would all my alterations be gone too?

Everage: Vautour, you want to choose a specific div which contains specific post? Then you have to play around with CSS selector in jQuery to load the desired content.

Colpa: Everage: I’m reading this article, I’ll try to figure it out o/w I’ll be back

Edwin: Hi, I’d be really grateful if somebody had an idea as to why my admin menu looks like this on two sites I have

Merkowitz: What happens if i delete the theme from my server

Urena: Pleasedaddy_: Halcom I don’t think, you can always drop it back on with FTP

Vanatta: Fris, I am, question is, how to pick them up? Are they made as taxonomies or what? how should I query attachment id?

Mowers: Ahh, answered my own question. If anybody elses admin menus are weird, install this – Chrome Admin Menu Fix

Orbeck: Can anyone tell me how to restore my wp-admin page

Jeng: Pleasedaddy_: what’s the problem?

Cabrera: I messed up the functions.php and i don’t know what i’m supposed to be doing with the files on my server

Kibbler: I thought if i just replaced the functions.php it would work but it isnt working

Jeng: What happens when you try to access your site?

Rzepecki: Halcom shows up on my wp-admin

Jeng: How did you “mess up” functions.php?

Fleisner: Http://

Kinker: I was adding something to it, and then i deleted it

Jeng: Via appearance – editor?

Yarosh: But maybe i also deleted some other stuff in there because after i did that it just showed up blank

Jeng: OK, now you know why you should NEVER use that.

Jeng: Do you have FTP or SSH access to the site