Sal: the element needs.

Oda: I want to make 3d charts for free any idea plz

Haroun: If so atleast reply and please suggest any free things to create bar chart in my website

Chiffriller: Is there a way to vertically align elements without using line-height that works on all devices?

Bamberger: I tried the transform3d way, but ios safari doesn’t like it at all

Bagsby: To vertically align elements

Dellavalle: Make use of bootstrap and give id span as 12

Serre: Then another element will come on another line

Duby: And create a super div in which you will give width of the aligned elements

Vilcheck: Siddharth030, !?! what?

Mccartt: Make a div with width as required

Kruml: In that div make div with span as 12

Bontempo: And then write your thing in it

Parodi: After that write another div id span and if required make more of them and make sure all spans are 12

Willims: For more see bootstrap and how it divides space between spans in one line so that ur element appear in different lines

Kress: Siddharth030, are you here for teasing or for what?

Webb: Does anyone here have a way to vertically centere elements that works with all devices and that is responsive? so i mean measures in %

Brzuchalski: Sal: see

Brzuchalski: There’s a few methods there

Marroquin: Brzuchalski, i saw them all, but none of them work on all damn today devices├╣

Delosreyes: The damn iOS safari sux

Brzuchalski: Are you centering an inline or a block element?

Mottet: But tried also inline

Kester: The problem is that i’m centering an image without knowing size

Gutgesell: So i’m using the transform method

Huck: And the damn iOS doesn’t like it

Brzuchalski: That will work in ios

Companie: The image is aligned at the bottom

Haraway: While, on mas os, or on windows or on android, its ok

Brzuchalski: Are you using the -webkit prefix?

Brzuchalski: Http://

Sherdon: Hmmm this does work with two #ads but not with three

Bound: Brzuchalski, the example of vertical center without fixed size, doesn’t work

Saeger: Https://

Tenerowicz: Http://

Hermanson: The sample the provide, uses a container with fied width

Silence: It should showslide #ad1 for 4s then #ad2 for 4s then #ad3 for 4s

Matten: Lodrigue: next problem :/ this does work with two #ads but not with three

Brzuchalski: Sal: the container does, yea. that shouldn’t matter though

Saroop: I changed it to 100%, and it went crazy

Brzuchalski: Then the container will only be the height of the element

Brzuchalski: Sal: do you have a testcase of your specific problem?

Brzuchalski: That would probably help

Reisenauer: Why? if samples of css-trick don’t do it anyway?

Brzuchalski: That sample did work though

Kidwell: Not if uyou put container height at 100%├╣

Doxey: I’m trying to center elements without any fized size at all

Brzuchalski: Well, right, its not supposed to. if you make the height: 100%, the container will only be as tell as its children

Banko: Browser should recalculate position on every window resize

Steigerwalt: Can someone tell me where i would start turning this page into a .css do***ent?

Isleib: Http://

Brzuchalski: Sal: the element needs vertical space to center itself in