What does it matter here.

Goldberger: Needs touchstart&touchend to be a click

Mielkie: Can you explicitly remove focus using blur/

Joerling: This problem only occurs on ios 9.3.1 onwards. was working fine in ios 9.2

Emch: How do you fix the css issue to make the button unfocused after the click event has been handled on a mobile device

Goldberger: You dont unless you have a new field to focus after that

Szychowski: Jquerynoob do you just want the button to not appear like it’s pressed?

Zachery: Have some problem, im using dialog jquery-ui, and the texta div in my jsp that goes into the dialog appears before the dialog pops up

Freyman: I am trying to clone the input fields, but it is not working. https://jsbin.com/nokahe/edit?html,js,output

Ihm: I’ve fixed that twice in the stream but it keeps coming back

Goldberger: Newsflash jsbin is wank

Ihm: Lol, ok, closed window. don’t care for alerts to be forced upon me

Caraway: Are there any plugins that work well for ajax navigation

Caraway: That will handle form submits too

Ihm: Berpcor: please don’t paste in the channel

Ihm: Jsfiddle or something else it please

Goldberger: What’s your spaghetti policy

Pernesky: Next time I’ll use jsfidle.

Manzer: This time code is already here.

Tardio: Cl***es are ***igned.

Ihm: You mean your not seeing it in the dom?

Ihm: Jquery internalizes that

Ihm: It’s still there with data’order’ though

Bossick: Why is click event now working in jsbin?

Ihm: You fixed your error?

Clever: But it is not showing error.

Ihm: Share your latest link again?

Valcin: Ihm: So, what am I to do?

Ihm: Berpcor: i don’t understand the problem

Desforges: How can I ***ign data attribute to image before its loading.

Ihm: I already said you are doing so

Ihm: You just can’t see it in the inspector

Mcilrath: Ihm: https://jsbin.com/nokahe/edit?html,js,console,output

Goldberger: Make a clone on load and then just clone that

Ihm: Please use console.log

Ihm: And are you wanting to clone the whole row?

Losinger: Nope, the text box inside that row only and then I will show that delete button

Ihm: Alright, as long as your using alerts i’m outie

Mcmina: If I use alert outside it shows up. but not inside the click event.

Ihm: Use console.log. it works just as well and isn’t annoying

Baugh: Ihm: can you use the same link again?

Ihm: Ok, so do what decx suggested. clone it at the start and then reuse that when you clone

Ihm: And you only have btn-add on one of the add buttons

Ihm: So it only works for the second one

Ong: Ihm: http://jsbin.com/zarupaciwi/edit?html,js,output

Bermudes: Ihm: Click on the green image. Big image will replace existing.

Wiatrowski: Ihm: I need to set data attribute for this image. I do it in code, but I can’t see it in fact.

Berkheimer: My image has only cl***es I ***igned to it.

Scheinost: But not data attribute.

Shreeve: Img src=”https://i.ytimg.com/vi/mW3S0u8bj58/maxresdefault.jpg” cl***=”large-image img-responsive”

Brunken: But I should get – img src=”.” cl***=”large-image img-responsive” data-order=”1″

Goldberger: The data- you see in markup is just the initial state for the browser to p****, when you use data you actually save to an underlying data cache of objects

Carlozzi: Decx: How can I set data attribute for my image then?.

Goldberger: What does it matter here?