How come.

Odo: Ihm:

Rooks: Why is it not cloning?

Goldsberry: Decx: When I’ll click on it image gallery plugin should start. data-order is image that should be opened first.

Ihm: Your find is missing a . for the cl***

Ihm: And the inner lookup has ‘input’ misspelled

Ihm: And your not appending the cloned element any where

Fravel: I’ve found the answer.

Walby: Ihm: Where should I append it?

Mesquita: Http://

Ihm: If your plugin is expecting the data element to be in the markup, for what ever weird reason, then use attr’data-whatever’, value

Ihm: Varun_krishna: i’d ***ume the parent td of the button you clicked, but that’s entirely up to your use case

Emerich: I have a div with style=display:none , but that div is my text that goes into my dialog

Dargenio: And it doesnt show on it obviously

Calabretta: How do i set it visible only when i execute the dialog function

Ihm: Show it in the dialog function

Gertelman: I mean the dialog shows

Ihm: Right you said you were calling a dialog function

Bay: Yes.its a bit tricky.

Hands: Look at this tiny part of it

Manfredini: Http://

Chronis: Ihm: What am I missing?

Goldberger: You leave the page if you change location

Mevis: Decx: Can you help me with this?

Focke: Is there a nice way to get an SVG path elemts style property without something like this? this.getAttribute”style”.split”;”1

Fullenwider: Decx: What am I missing ?

Goldberger: You miss the part where you do what you want to do

Flathers: Decx: That is what I am searching for #google

Trell: Hi guys. I have an odd question. I have a div cl***=”marginalia”some text here/div and I want to find all .marginalia and hide them but show a little superscripted ‘m’ in the left column and show the contents of the div on hover. I want to do all this in a style+javascript without adding tags to the base HTML doc for the superscripted m marker. Any suggestions? I tried using :before content for the superscripted ‘m’, but when I h

Druck: Ide the div, the ‘m’ also is hidden.

Dilick: Decx: Can you help me with it?

Goldberger: I could but it’s not really interesting

Bourdeau: Ok. or show me a direction

Simonds: I’m trying to set values for “x” and “y” for option “positon”, but not working for the following lib doc***entation/addons/dropdown.html

Mcgraph: Http://

Pasto: I’m doing correctlty?

Iles: See secrion “Options for the “dropdown” add-on” in doc

Baruch: Codecutter: they say: Possible values: “left” and “right” and Possible values: “top” and “bottom”.

Pollmann: Shoky: i need the menu to be on the left by about another 20px

Gregoroff: I’m guessing “position.x” is the option that i want, but how do i set this? see pastebin

Asman: Codecutter: i donno anything about that plugin, but maybe you want the offset.* options

Stollings: Shoky: how do i set the fields for these options?

Shearon: My latest js experiment

Tsing: Http://

Asman: Codecutter: i’d guess something like: { dropdown: { offset: { button: { x: -30 } } } }

Wormuth: Shoky: this has not effect

Golpe: How come selectmenu”refresh” isn’t updating the select box display until I click outside of my input type=text?