Like touchend on a button.

Donkin: It does, but if i slide down to choose a link in the hoverd submenu, it disappears

Szychowski: Right, because you want to decouple “showing the subnav container” and “showing the correct subnav menu”

Naef: Hey there, if I’m using an ajax call to the server, does it need to have a callback ? Like if I’m just wanting to post to the server to be like “PS this happened”, is it fine to go ahead without callbacks or is this frowned upon ?

Szychowski: FancyCamel totally depends.

Szychowski: FancyCamel usually you want to show the user that something is happening and that they may need to wait for the request to finish.

Szychowski: But i really depends.

Mozick: It’s nothing the user needs to know. It’s just telling the server something has been viewed. So, it’s not a problem then you’re saying if I don’t include a callback on the end of the $.ajax?

Szychowski: Nope. not a required thing at all.

Goldberger: Wait you tell the server something was viewed

Goldberger: Doesnt the server send that already

Szychowski: I was waiting for that.

Szychowski: I’ll bet it’s like a scroll hook.

Szychowski: But what are you recording that they viewed?

Baute: I have an application whose frontend is built in jquery. The button handlers use ‘click’ and work on desktop browsers, but the behaviour is weird and wrong on mobile browsers ipad safari.. What are the likely casuses

Szychowski: How is the behavior “weird and wrong”?

Szychowski: Some more deets might be nice :

Drinkard: Weird and wong as in after the tap, the button is still in focus, and the functionality of button doesnt execute even though the right methods are called

Bussinger: Let me know what deets you want

Szychowski: Try .on’click touch’, function {}; maybe?

Sissell: Could give that a shot, but that isnt much different form ‘click touchstart/touchend’ which i had tried earlier

Goldberger: Rather mousedown touch as click includes touch

Mohar: The button event gets registered and the logic is executed, it just doesn’t seem to do anything after that though

Szychowski: So what else should it do?

Goldberger: If it gets executed how does it not get executed

Schaufelberge: Its a skip button, so it does skipping logic.

Szychowski: That doesn’t mean anything if we can’t see the coide.

Kastendieck: This is why im so lost

Szychowski: Need to give us more context here.

Ohan: JQuery”#next_note”.on’click’, functione { e.preventDefault; console.log”next_note activated”; handleNextNote; };

Waldie: Thats the broken piece of code in mobile

Goldberger: But if you get the log then the problem is obviously not the event

Prewitt: No but the thing is, when you tap the button, the button still appears pressed, only when you click elsewhere, does it get unfocused

Szychowski: That’s a CSS problem.

Kiger: Https://

Goldberger: Yeah you can focus with a tab which doesnt count as a “clicktap”

Loyst: If you use click to catch touch events, does anything break?

Ink: Whats the proper way to handle touch and mouse events

Goldberger: Click is just a catchall

Szychowski: That means literally nothing to us without context.

Goldberger: Doesnt matter for a button

Simler: A skip button that makes the video go ahead 10 seconds

Goldberger: But if you swipeend on a button you focus t

Szychowski: Yeah none of that should make any difference.

Woiwode: If you swipe its not in focus

Goldberger: Like touchend on a button focuses a button but doesnt click