K to a desktop view from.

Ehmann: And don’t use xpath :

Mattila: Unless maybe you did something with finding them all, find the index of your self, and then go to the index + 1 element

Mattila: If you cached the all list might be faster

Lupinacci: Don’t need to rebuild the object every time.

Nailer: Https://jsfiddle.net/nuqvLnj5/1/ On line: 9 – what’s wrong? I want to get the .project-info section to get underneath the paragraph inside the .wrap, what am I doing wrong?

Mattila: Happy weekend everyone

Covil: Mattila: Thanks, you too :

Pimentel: Vanbecelaere $this is the window element.

Delacruz: With FileReader is there a way to POST the base64 string readAsDataURL with the submitted form?

Worstell: Sometimes you just gotta try **** and they work: var id = $’#upload-id’.val; $’#’+id.remove;

Eddinger: Mazpe, dont you mean $’#upload-‘+id.. ?

Claud: With FileReader is there a way to POST the base64 string readAsDataURL with the submitted form?

Critzer: Cork: check out my stackoverflow post – http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32531360/js-exception-is-still-able-to-sneak-in-but-very-rarely-not-sure-why

Worstell: RA3OR: it was the concept of $’#’+var that had me thinking

Valeriano: I want to move the .project-info section underneath the paragraph, inside the .wrap but I can’t really get it to workout: https://jsfiddle.net/nuqvLnj5/2/

Harriott: Updated version, but this one doesn’t work either – am I doing something wrong here? https://jsfiddle.net/nuqvLnj5/3/

Matrey: Anyone have a recommendation on a google plugin for dealing with tables?

Amadi: So if I have one $.ajax and on success I have another ajax what is the data of the second one? http://dpaste.com/3PMZBC9

Stec: Never mind data is a parameter I can set

Vadasy: Also – why are you mixing callbacks with promises?

Hohensee: Welcome back, Vadasy! Could you maybe check out what’s wrong with my appendTo, what am I doing wrong? https://jsfiddle.net/nuqvLnj5/3/

Vadasy: I explained this earlier.

Vadasy: What do you think ‘this’ is here?

Mahana: Vadasy: I guess ‘this’ is the closest one that’s triggered?

Vadasy: Sorry, i was tripping myself up.

Vadasy: You’re looking for a parent .project-info of each article. which doesn’t exist.

Scircle: Vadasy: Alright, I’ll try it out!

Purgason: Vadasy: My browser is like crashing and lags down with that code, is it right?

Vadasy: I’m really confused by what you’re trying to do here.

Vadasy: WrapFa.on’click’, function { is also bad here.

Vadasy: Let’s start over here and do this the right way.

Grenon: Vadasy: Alright, do you want me to explain what I want to do?

Vadasy: Also – // Add a cl*** to the FontAwesome icon when // the screen is smaller than 800 pixels – first off, don’t do that. use CSS.

Fredric: Alright, first off – I want to bring up an ‘dialog’ kinda looking section, that’s the one called ‘.project-info’ that’s the dialog, and that one has a trigger which is a FontAwesome icon called .fa-expand and when the screen gets into a mobile screen or let’s call it in a responsive mode and should remove that FontAwesome icon called .fa-expand and add the FontAwesome icon called .fa-sort-desc in a smaller screen everything below 800px an

Sciarretta: D if triggered below the 800px it should toggle a cl*** called .fa-sort-asc and show the ‘dialog’ kinda looking section underneath the paragraph inside the .wrap and it should just slideDown when the icon .fa-sort-desc is touched and when the user resize the screen again to bigger than 800px it should add the icon called .fa-expand and remove everything again, also the dialog section if it’s triggered and showing – so basically when going bac

Cumings: K to a desktop view from mobile view it should remove all the triggered dialogs and be just like you opened the page after a load. Sorry if it sounds kinda fluffy, but I hope you understand what I want here