Uhkis, Gangler , Is there.

Conrad: I have to do it write in first time

Logero: Let me see what i can do

Hollier: Gangler: let me ask a question ab out functionality

Rutkowski: When you click the title you will get monthList and when you click any month. Datepicker show that month. Thats good

Dinh: Will you open datepicker when you click month

Liffick: Or is it enough to change the month only

Gangler: I’d probably show the month

Carlsley: So you show datepicker

Richters: Btw is my idea good do i have improvement?

Gangler: Yeah simply because the chances of them wanting the same day in the other month are probably low, so they’d have to click it again to make it show anyway

Gangler: It’s fine if it solves a problem the users have

Varone: I couldnt find how to remove current day to show

Gangler: If your doing it just to do it then well.

Leddy: Thanks for pointing me out right direction

Contrera: You know mostly people wouldnt do that

Maillard: I couldnt get any support from my collegue

Gangler: In what regard? i thought you were kinda the only js person they have

Kepley: They should know some js

Hrcka: Also i am developing whole algorithms

Gangler: I’d say the majority of people in my shop don’t know it

Hosendove: I did everything including writing js

Didyk: And i am doing everything they request

Felcher: They try to rule me out now

Gangler: Sounds like you need to get really good at it and then go shopping around for other places that need you more

Gangler: Though obviously i don’t know your situation so, just me talking

Heiniger: I am looking for another job now

Ruffel: There are many places for shopping

Gangler: That’s good then, if your skill set is in demand

Kuhlo: I wrote backend also frontend

Maughn: They should give me some advantages

Echternach: Anyway back to the code

Filion: Works if I call the function from a script block inside the html but get error when called script file Uncaught TypeError: $..imageScale is not a function on line 25

Kennerly: Http://pastebin.com/59WdRUiW

Mathieu: Here is the function script https://github.com/gestixi/image-scale

Gangler: I don’t know much about require. but that would seem to say that it has not been added to the jQuery namespace by the time you try to use it

Mathieu: Right. how do i fix it?

Gangler: Dunno. maybe hit up #requirejs and see what they have to say

Ballowe: I have a fairly large nested ulli list . Is there any way I can transcend the tree from the last element and outwards – and hide elements in the process based on certain criteria ?

Gangler: Ascend the tree you mean?

Ballowe: Thank you. My English is a bit . poor.

Mathieu: I didn’t know room exists

Gangler: Ballowe: can you describe it more? just to make sure i know what your wanting

Ballowe: Gangler, I am creating a css based tree view of a file system. I would like to ascend the structure, and if all elements contained within a directory check out, I would like to collapse the folder. However, if any of the elements contain whatever criteria, I need the folder to be open.

Gangler: So like a folder/file filter

Ballowe: Gangler, something like that I guess. I have attribute markings for files and folders etc . I just need to “collapse” the ones that I want closed. The problem is that the tree I am using is CSS based and used “display:none” to hide elements .

Neu: Show hide also uses that on the element

Ballowe: Uhkis, Gangler , Is there any way I can apply a function each element of a find result? i.e $’.tree li:hasul’.find’data-filetype=”directory”‘.eachfunctionelement { . .}