Twirl: that solution will.

Gangler: Ballowe: little quick and dirty possibility

Bakalar: Gangler: not to mention not working! 😀

Roede: Gangler: typing anything hides everything except the root files

Gangler: You can put cl***=”folder” on the outer li to take care of that

Purpura: Doubt that was what Ballowe wanted

Ballowe: Gangler, here’s an example of what I have:

Gangler: And he only said collapsing folders. he didn’t say anything about hiding non-matching file names, :

Ballowe: Gangler, so pretty much I would like “Folder 2” to be “collapsed”, because everything beneath is “ok”. But in Folder 1, there is an element that is “NotOk”, and therefore it must be shown

Gangler: What defines ‘not ok’?

Erazmus: Hi, how do you remove “TEXT” from a href=”#”img src=”1.jpg”TEXT/a ?

Gangler: The filestatus i gues

Ballowe: Gangler, when I generate the tree, I set attributes via php code . so I know before hand if a file is “NotOk” or is good.

Gangler: Here’s a small question then

Gangler: Why is the folder ‘ok’ when a child is ‘NotOk’ ?

Ballowe: Gangler, because the md5 of the folder itself checks out and exists on both server and client. But in theory, I suppose the folder should be marked as not ok as well

Tadiello: Twirl: do tell the right one then

Storto: Uhkis: i’m asking because I dont know and thought maybe it was faster to just ask here than to try stuff myself or google it

Buonamici: I know a couple of ways of doing it, but which one is the right one

Salaz: Https://

Mancos: I dont see any text there

Stainback: Uhkis: are you retarded or a troll?

Gangler: Uhkis: i’m pretty sure that removes the img as well

Howdeshell: How is this person here giving advice, idk, seriously

Lamping: Discussion chat quality keeps declining

Bruun: Gangler: interesting, it shouldnt

Gangler: Twirl: we don’t have to help you if that’s what you want

Ogrady: I like this Twirl, comes to ask for free help and starts throwing out tantrums :-

Thurton: Gangler: no you don’t have to do anything, i know

Tangney: Gangler: it’s just, generally i consider good manners to only answer a question if I actually know the answer

Gangler: There’s also such a thing as sound boarding

Tiffee: I guess other people would rather say w/e crosses their mind

Gangler: But regardless both people asking and answering questions are intended to follow the chat guidelines

Langgood: Yea i will just sit here and w/e question arises i will just tell them to turn off and on the computer

Silverstone: If that’s not trolling, idk

Gangler: Sure, good luck with your question then

Behning: Well, it’s not like i had luck before

Semons: Where is cork when u need him

Ballowe: Twirl,

Bisbee: Ballowe: yea i thought that

Cabibbo: Twirl: there is two options

Vanderboom: Either wrap the text in a separate element

Ballowe: Gangler, any idea how I can crack my problem given the setting I put in the fiddle? :

Mcgeehan: Or you have to use nodes instead of elements

Millar: Cork: and now you taught him temper tantrums work!

Gangler: Ballowe: ah, i thought you were going to change the folder to reflect ‘NotOk’, ; in which case it’d be a simple selector thing

Albrough: Cork: well, the text is there i have to remove it manually, maybe with Ballowe solution, storing the img and then using it to replace the contents of the parent

Melgoza: Twirl: that solution will replace everything inside the outer element