I feel lazy to clean it up.

Sheil: You can be my doctor xD

Guieb: In line 5 i bind click event to datepicker-title but if i have more then once input box it binds same event to every datepicker title. What i want is to bind an event spesific datepicker title like . from .datepicker-title. In my original example i have .from and .to i want to do different things in datepicker-title that is pop up when you click .to input box how can i do this seperation? https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/x1j739pt/,

Cornford: Https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/x1j739pt/

Barnscater: Have you tried .on’click’, ‘.from .datepicker’, function . ?

Hammaker: Not sure, if that does it

Szuba: Ah there on the bottom

Boblett: Could work with the right selector, but its probably cleaner to rehang the handler. $’.from’.siblings’.ui-datepicker’.find’.ui-datepicker-title’.on’click’, .

Goade: Ho***ey: not working here can you check https://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/x1j739pt/21/

Gangler: Hellyeah: the last fiddle linked has the switches still in it. why did you change that back?

Richison: It is possible datepikcer catches the standard events and provides its own.

Spadea: Different fiddle i am cofused

Laditka: Gangler: the .find part apparently does not work. I do not know why.

Gangler: Which line? gotta open the fiddle again

Amsden: He wrote my idea at the very bottom

Hutnak: Hi, experiencing selected event fires twice in .selectable when clicking on a selectable table row and coming from, e.g. other application window. Coming from another tab in browser eerything is working fine.

Giggie: Ideas where to look at?

Shortey: Seems, the find returns empty set

Donel: Gangler: http://jsfiddle.net/hellyeah/x1j739pt/22/

Beldin: Gangler: last three lines on fiddle

Dettling: I have to bind click event to title

Rudasill: But i have to do something different in .from and in .to

Gangler: It doesn’t have children according to the dom

Fullam: This is just Ho***ey suggestion i couldnt come up with an idea about selecting datepicker-title with .from

Nawfel: Dev tools show children

Gangler: But the selector.children is empty and prop’outerHTML’ shows it without anything nested inside

Henderson: I couldnt find any visible connection with ui-datepicker and .from

Gangler: In any case, what’s the problem this morning?

Gangler: Btw you still haven’t condensed your bottom switch that we said yesterday and the day before that you could probably make smaller

Gangler: And your repeating lookups all over the place, -_-

Gangler: How many times do i have to tell you about that

Cumbaa: I wrote this very quick :p

Gangler: So why did you repeat lookups?

Gangler: Just cause you did it quick?

Tourigny: I will fix everything

Gangler: You should ALWAYS try to do the best practices so they are second nature

Gangler: Otherwise your going to spend more time later cleaning up your stuff

Silao: Thats the lesson i have to practice more

Meller: Okey first i need to solve this problem

Corington: Any particular suggestion

Gangler: No, you should clean up first

Gangler: It will be much easier to see what the problem actually is then

Gangler: You don’t build an addon to a house with a bad foundation and then fix the foundation.

Dossman: Okey then i will do it

Gangler: This is also an important point cause it can help you break the mind set of after you fix something, “I should clean it up. but it works so. nah.”

Bellerose: Actually you are right

Dutko: I feel lazy to clean it up the code i wrote