To make an anonymous.

Silleman: Uhkis really? and found other plugin?

Meth: No, i didnt even ask for it in the end and stayed to help people 😀

Livas: I looking other plugins, but there is the ebst.

Mattila: Come for help, stay for the insults

Folkers: I guess i’ll stick around here then

Mattila: Nah, this place is pretty good

Mclay: Back then robertmaxrees used some weird nickname, dutch something iirc 😀

Hofheimer: I am looking into this.

Maisey: There is a case of conditional required.where if on field is empty then .the required attribute will have effect

Pastore: Just go to this example.Makes details required only if #other is checked.

Kallenberger: And BillCriswell or something was active

Suder: Yep. he’s still around sometimes.

Mattila: Did you ask this earlier dimi? someone asked about requiring one of two fields

Bonga: I’ve talked to bill not to long ago

Rimi: My question is if this conditional can apply for 2 inputs.that a field is required is 2 inputs are empty

Sorgatz: Dimi1947 you can setup that kind of logic, just kind of complex.

Fertal: Most of what i talked about with bill was 100% off-topic in the morning

Mattila: I need to find that link again.

Hurston: Your nighttime i guess

Challen: He’s three hours after me.

Loner: Robertmaxrees,.with my own custome code or jquery’s validate?

Garczynski: Yeah, but my morning is in 12h ;

Mattila: Http://

Kothakota: Dimi1947 your own code in jqueryvalidate

Dasalia: It does not work.I am trying to find out why

Harnos: Anyone know of a good solution they can recommend to drag and drop multiple files and upload when form is submitted?

Bursey: Dropzone, even though not jquery adds it to the entire form not just a div area for dropping

Faerber: Here is the fiddle

Mattila: Forbidd3n: i’ve seen this guy used before

Karsh: I have written the code such when the name is empty company name is required.but it does not work

Paramo: Mattila: doesn’t upload with form

Mattila: Dimi1947: your required look much different that the example in that link

Mattila: Your giving it a string rather than a callback to perform

Mattila: Forbidd3n: ah, sorry about that

Melecio: If this is what you think I still does not work

Mevers: Https://

Mattila: Your still just giving it a string.

Mattila: Here, did the first one

Naftzger: Https://

Lamastus: Hi guys. I’m binding a click-event. But then load some new stuff via ajax and have to rebind again. This time, the already bounded elements don’t react to click event. How can I fix this?

Hildenbrand: Use event delegation.

Carsno: Check out and

Belcher: Uhkis tested the plugin? Wizard plugin?

Pieters: Can you try? please Strange i followed the steps and not see the effect

Meynard: Jak2000 make a fiddle instead.

Balko: Show us what you tried.

Mammenga: Is this the proper way to create an anonymous function in a variable?

Osby: Http://

Foutz: To make an anonymous function, that is called automatically.