I’m looking for a plugin to.

Lokan: Noahmg123: ok, i’m relaying this info on slack

Dermody: It likes jQuery but not the $ sign ?

Vogeler: Dermody did you see the screenshot

Sault: Opsec: are you able to send me an invite?

Dermody: Fris: no I wasn’t there

Vogeler: Dermody http://i.imgur.com/ydBkWDQ.jpg

Vogeler: Look 30 seconds with the cl***

Dermody: And it works for you?

Fara: Http://pastebin.com/sFyjZNE7 – Could this be the reason why I have category ID number at the top left before the !DOCHTML like this “56”: http://www.frog-lock.com/category/locksmith-in-long-island/locksmith-in-glen-cove-ny/ ?

Vogeler: Yes, it only took 30 seconds to create based on the cl***, you just p*** an array of options you want

Fara: Or is it just specifing the phone number at the top of each post that is in the current page

Dermody: But i found out my .js do***ent doesn’t like $

Dermody: So I’m going to try again

Vogeler: wordpress-settings-api-cl***/blob/master/example/oop-example.php#L191,L198">Https://github.com/tareq1988/wordpress-settings-api-cl***/blob/master/example/oop-example.php#L191,L198

Vogeler: Dermody you can use $

Lokan: Noahmg123: no, you cannot invite users to join slack

Dermody: My js file doesn’t work when i use $

Dermody: I need to use ‘jQuery’

Dermody: Before every jQuery statement

Vogeler: Instead of $ do***ent .readyfunction { use jQuery do***ent .readyfunction$ {

Briston: Opsec: OK. Well, thank you for helping.

Dermody: I’m going to try again

Dermody: Nah it doesn’t work for me

Dermody: Dunno what the problem is

Dermody: I’ve done all the steps

Jeng: Left over debugging code

Vogeler: Pastebin the code you are using including the enqueue

Dermody: Fris: http://wpbin.io/9bbkbq

Dermody: This is the functions.php

Fara: Jeng: good that solved it, awesome indeed. I went through all the theme files to check for that virus code or what ever, and when I saw that. thought that would be the thing that caused the number.

Dermody: Fris: thiis is the jquery

Dermody: Http://wpbin.io/emt3vf

Dermody: Fris: console.log shows the jqeury script is running fine

Dermody: Fris: it’s there somewhere

Vogeler: Dont use your jquery.js in your theme

Vogeler: Use the packaged version in core

Vogeler: And p*** jquery in the array of your enqueue

Vogeler: Get_template_directory_uri . ‘/js/main.js’, array’jquery’

Dermody: Fris: strange, it works on the front-end, but not the backend

Dermody: Fris: http://wpbin.io/a00bsm

Vogeler: You are using wp_enqueue_scripts action, that wont work for backend

Dermody: Fris: ahh what do i need then?

Vogeler: Admin_enqueue_scripts

Dermody: So do i have to replae all the wp_enqueues with admin now?

Vogeler: Add a sep function though cause you dont need the front end stuff

Dermody: Now the front-end looks s#$T

Dermody: Separate function ye ?

Dermody: Fris: hold on while i make a separate function for the front-end scripts

Vogeler: Backend would be quicker

Vogeler: Since all of the frontend is needed except main.js

Vogeler: Function admin_scripts { wp_enqueue_scriptetc,etc; } add_action’admin_enqueue_scripts’,’admin_scripts’;

Dermody: Fris: nah it just doesn’t want to work

Dermody: Dunno what I’m doing wrong

Dermody: Http://wpbin.io/d1gg03

Tangri: I’m looking for a plugin to allow downloads of software, when someone enters a correct serial number I have a list of them. Can anyone recommend anything? I’m really struggling to find something suitable.