Those events will never fire.

Keyton: So 90 images are 3 megs?

Mattila: You could potentially build the list dynamically, giving it just the number of elements, create them, hide them, and then append them

Thraen: Robertmaxrees: yeah but i want to avoid loading those and dynamically loading them when the user hovers on top of that item

Mottershead: Mattila: didn’t get that

Clanton: Then wire that yourself.

Corti: Kill lazyload. on mouseenter of that a, .each through the images and copy their .data’original’ to the .attr’src’

Forman: What about that are you not understanding?

Tarboro: I do but i’m new to js

Mezera: Also how do i disable the scrubber on mobile devices?

Sheller: Focus on the first part for now.

Cibik: You’ll be away afterwards and i won’t have an answer

Arnall: You’re going to confuse yourself more – focus on one thing at a time.

Okrent: Should i use mouseenter or mouseover?

Sliz: Mouseenter for this one.

Wires: Why this example is working on jsfiddle but, when I try it on my server I get “Uncaught ReferenceError: operateEvents is not defined” .

Reali: You’re not loading that plugin before your code.

Benbenek: Robertmaxrees: yes I do, the table is render appropriatly.

Roso: Robertmaxrees: do you mean that I should put window.operateEvents before I call the plugin ?

Murano: Need to define it before you can use it

Hatcherson: Robertmaxrees: ?

Levreau: Hi. if i load jquery externally, do i have to wait for do***ent ready until I can use it or does it just have to be loaded above in my html?

Brandsrud: Http://

Scharbach: Robertmaxrees: ah. but i’m getting 3012

Dunworth: Along with the 200 requests

Giordano: 301 is a server-side thing.

Mattila: Crap, what’s unmodified.

Giumarro: Robertmaxrees: so it’s a jsfiddle thing?

Eric: Robertmaxrees: in your fiddle, i’m getting double requests for each lazy img

Berlin: I cant understand this one: i use ajax to send some a varible with post to a .php file, the .php adds the varible value to my database and does nothing more. so far so good. but my success: function response in the ajax file returns a string of 4 spaces. why?

Pam: Is linting much much slower than checking mime type?

Harvison: Adv_ that’s on lorem pixel’s side.

Haydock: Happens on the original one

Pipe: It’s redirecting from to

Scammon: Robertmaxrees: hey thanks a lot! i guess that is the way to go

Darrah: Http://

Dunagin: Robertmaxrees:

Branham: If i mouseenter people, i also get the animal images

Kasperski: Get the child imgs of the current thumbscrubber

Sutkus: For some reason this does not work i tried jquery ‘#create-form’ and submit nothing

Mccole: Do***ent.getElementById’create-form’.on’submit’, function { .on is apart of jquery.

Boutros: You want $’#create-form’.on’submit’, function { or jQuery’#create-form’.on’submit’, function {

Fiora: This.children.$’.lazy’.eachfunction { ?

Vastine: Actually, $this.find’.lazy’ would be better

Landor: – you’d do well to give this a run-through :

Neuhoff: Robertmaxrees: what about the 2nd question?

Adley: What was the second question?

Diver: How do i disable the scrubber on mobile devices?

Ura: Those events will never fire.