HowardwLo: what does that.

Wieseler: ScoDal: its pretty well do***ented but not many tutorials out there for it yet. theres some and they’re growing in numbers. but not as many as there will be in another year or so

Jeng: I’m going to focus on someting else for a while

Gradley: ScoDal: WP is pretty awesome . it has it’s flaws. but overall. for what it is and what it does. its pretty sweet

Fratta: I used to be a cutenews junkie back in the day and there are still some features of cutenews that I’m trying to learn to do with WordPress then I’ll feel like the master

Grannum: Hi folks. Found a problematic table in a WP install called wp_stb_styles, anyone know the source of this?

Vallas: I was into the cutenews russian version where they added database support rather than strictly flat file. Most notable, all the built in content sorting options, but I realize now that’s just database queries, it just isn’t as user friendly to orderby, you have to know how things work to make it sort how you want

Vanes: ScoDal: flat files as storage is pretty sweet. I often use flat files or just a WP_OPTIONS table as storage in a similar way for some things

Stpaul: Doro: probably added from a plugin

Fasenmyer: Doro: what makes it problematic?

Monnot: Doro: its from “special text boxes” plugin

Belzung: Doro: google told me so

Filo: Doro: this one:***.php

Caster: Doro: if this is your problem. here’s your answer

Bushell: Doro: google is a magical thing

Nicoletti: Jeng: tried a few things, couldn’t reproduce

Said: Any JS errors? the plugin is super js heavy

Jeng: Bero: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘sublayers’ of undefined

Pellowski: ScoDal: sounds like it could be the order in which the JS is loaded or some bubbling up of some conflicting JS somewhere to me

Beuchler: Hi! was wondering if anyone can help me refactor my code so I know the proper way. I’ve just been following docs so the code is a little amateur and patched together

Walenta: Https:// I’m trying to query specific pages, find where the current one is within that query, and grab the previous and next pages

Parr: HowardwLo: give an outline of what you’re doing.why you’re doing it. and paste the code. then it can be looked at

Miltner: Scavotto: i’m trying to do like a stepwise guide, step1, step2, step3

Badura: HowardwLo: you can use get_adjacent_post to get those if you already have the post ID of which you are getting the prev. next from

Thanem: HowardwLo: so that would be ONE way to do that

Belmarez: HowardwLo:

Laduke: Scavotto: I remember seeing this one, I wasn’t sure what “taxonomy” is, is that my $args for the query?

Wallner: HowardwLo: taxonomy is just a type of categorization. You’re not doing anything of the sort

Stubby: HowardwLo: like i said. you can use get_adjacent_post inside your loop using the same post ID you’re getting with your loop

Bowersox: HowardwLo: the taxonomy param in the get_adjacent_post is just if you want to get the next post in the list that is also in the same category as the actual post

Romjue: HowardwLo: you dont need that since you’re not doing that from what i could see

Salmen: Scavotto: I’m also getting a Undefined offset on line 36 of the paste

Ngoun: HowardwLo: you wouldnt need those lines if you worked withthe code I gave you. so you have to decide to refactor OR fix your existing code

Amous: Scavotto: if I were to fix my existing code, how would I proceed?

Houtman: HowardwLo: so you DONT want to make your code more effecient and better?

Stuckey: Scavotto: adjacent post is giving me posts that aren’t in the query

Jabali: HowardwLo: what does that MEAN?