Input buttons to be one to.

Taggart: Sorry Brzuchalski, it was more for amusement

Riegle: Reisio: is it the js that causes it not to because if i make the window lower width it gets smaller heightwise too

Pilkins: I need to make a page exactly like this, how should I start saying the divs?

Kamealoha: Only style the divs need is margin there

Rathert: Well h1 kind of has it sorted out

Barjenbruch: Html { background: somegraycolor; } h2 { background: someblue; border-radius; something; color: white; }

Yetter: I would still apply it to div and remove it from title itself

Lesly: Dl with float: left;’d dt’s

Baptist: What can I do to this code to make the toggle switches responsive? If you drag the vertical bar left and right, you can see the switch lose its shape.

Rote: Is there a good online tutorial or book you folks know of that’d help me practice CSS with real designs?

Roussel: Here is the html I have for that,

Upright: How should I divide it further? or can I style it right now?

Lodrigue: Tuskkk___, be creative :

Diers: What kind of tools do you use for css? I find writing css tougher than doing programming

Lodrigue: My brain is the tool 😀

Brzuchalski: Just your favorite text editor and browser

Ericks: What does it mean when you do, h1 + *

Urquidi: What is the + and the *

Swearegene: Hello CSSers, got a ul in middle of this page. Trying to figure out why the first LI has SOO much space to the left. thoughts?

Brzuchalski: Tuskkk___: + is the adjacent sibling selector, * is the universal selector

Brzuchalski: So that selects the sibling directly after an h1

Brzuchalski: Swearegene: default padding on the ul

Swearegene: Brzuchalski, fixed, thanks!

Swearegene: God you guys are so fast at finding crap

Brzuchalski: There’s a few things that get asked more than others :

Lariccia: Hello, may I ask some dumb question 😀

Lodrigue: Why the horse has how many legs?

Tamminen: Nemo, Don’t ask to ask, or ask if anyone can help. Just ask your question or state your problem and wait. Oh, and be sure to read the channel topic.

Banos: I have .maincotainer { margin-left: 130px; margin-right: 130px; } and image/cl*** inside it like this:

Grandt: Why does .inside always goes over maincontainer?

Kivela: OnceMe, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Splonskowski: Here

Jarmon: I want that red “pic” to be centered inside cl*** .inside :

Swearegene: Ok, so instead of making UL’s for all of the brackets and crap. I used Leagues bracket images lmfao!

Swearegene: Thoughts on formatting?

Lodrigue: OnceMe,

Swearegene: Lodrigue, . I couldn’t get it. the margin auto was not working for me.

Swearegene: Lodrigue, I did add the relative position.

Cangas: May I ask one more question? 😀

Staiano: Ill just ask 😀 I have this

Oatridge: It looks fine on some monitors, but on mobile or some different resolution, second button is placed bellow first button, when I have a smaller container, how can I scale this up?

Clippinger: Example:

Schellenberge: OnceMe how can you scale what?

Cariker: Input buttons to be one to eachother