Takenaka: that’s why I was.

Glancy: Mark_____: i would ***ume the page would show the spinner and then hide it on load

Ondik: I think i’ve done it with ajax but

Froncek: This time it’s iframe.

Cassells: Tbh dont understand global lookup

Eglinton: It finds all elements that match

Tesoriero: Which line are you talking about?

Pique: There are multiple. read your code

Liebert: This is global lookup $’.input’.on’change’, function {

Scharr: Any where that you see a global look up, make sure that is what you should be doing

Leitten: Var outputArray = $’ .datePart .datePicker’.mapfunctionindex { this is global lookup

Wilusz: Okey this is global lookup yeah

Ow: Do i need to change that?

Mcnail: Obviously map will ierate all things

Lirette: You can answer that yourself

Seara: Does anyone use safari here?

Major: Can i wrap it with change

Vales: Lots of things are possible with javascript

Giacherio: Your asking if you should

Markoff: You can answer these questions

Tyacke: I’m not sure why your asking

Berkowitz: Hmm i am tired i must be off for sometimes

Marciante: But event cannot return anything

Cummingham: You have a problem. you know what the end result should be. figure out the steps that need to happen to get there

Boehme: How should i make a spinner that appears during the loading of a page inside iframe, and disappears after done loading the contents in the iframe? http://lifeto.cafe24.com/xe/

Fosbrook: Already told you one possible solution Mark

Kuhs: Yeah,but the thing is i can’t start from scratch

Monette: What is the HTTP attribute name for data in $.postarg1, data, arg3?

Stoltzman: Shoky, what is the actual attribute name being used? the key name of the key-value pair.

Roarx: Cipher__: data isn’t sent in an http header, it’s sent as the http request _body_

Rishor: Shoky, how do I go about setting a header?

Roarx: Cipher__: with $.ajax and ‘headers’ option, for example

Sarjent: I can’t do it with simply $.post?

Antonsen: Which is a very nice thing!

Roarx: Need to remember the arguments order with $.post

Ribas: Can anyone tell me why the login modal works here: https://freelancestudent.herokuapp.com/#modal but not here: https://freelancestudent.herokuapp.com/broken-modal#modal

Wolfenbarger: Got some console errors dude

Praley: Oooooh there’s a lot of those

Peduzzi: Well, i fixed it. I moved the script files from the bottom of the page, to the top of the page

Valcourt: Does that make sense?

Lampkins: So long as they’re in the correct order shouldn’t really matter where they’re placed

Brucculeri: Head vs body just determines if you need to use a doc ready or not

Faupel: Hello beautiful beings

Mckanic: Gangler: I will implement it later.

Gangler: What is the hesitancy of combining the results?

Mckanic: Gangler: it’s more fancy 😀

Mckanic: That’s the only purpose .

Mckanic: I dont care I use CURL do do my querys again this website 😀

Takenaka: By “fancy” do you mean “more difficult”?

Gangler: I usually hear ‘fancy’ when i try some off the wall stuff and my team members see it.

Mckanic: Well this script manage the creation of 4 different accounts, managing the “add” in members groups in some LDAP or web apps, I would rather prefer to be inform where it fails instead of having a spinner turnning for 1 minutes without knowing what it’s going on.

Mckanic: Takenaka: that’s why I was using “notification”. it’s more about having a live state of the operation in the backend.