How should i make a spinner.

Aper: With this physical exhaustion it is not really possible to work

Seats: Music conpensate me really well tbh

Tobosa: I have a question : is there anyway i can execute jquery function after data is loaded? i know it is possible using ajax call, but is it possible without using ajax call?

Faletti: What do you mean with “after data is loaded” if not ajax?

Barkenhagen: I have found the issue. using Content-Type: application/xhtml+xml, I can’t insert child elements with jquery!

Bollard: Does it make sense to use event inside map to get only value of slicked element? Map will iterate all element that exist in the dom?

Roarx: Map iterates whatever you tell it to iterate ;p

Beaudette: I am trying to remove some validation rules but I get an error in $’#’ + item.rules’remove’; TypeError: j is undefined

Vassen: Why do you remove rules

Monzon: I try to write a fiddle

Vassen: Just write your rules to apply to your requirement

Leszczynski: Let say you create two datepickers and select the dates from first eleme i want to get those dates, or if you select dates from second element i want to get the dates. I mean i just want to get dates from spesific element. Can you help to figure out how i can do it var date = ;

Garced: Http://

Mantilia: Hope you guys understand my question

Roarx: Hellyeah you get the dates like you always get them. with .datepicker’getDate’

Salimas: Shoky: thats not the problem i think

Mezzanotte: What i try to do is when you create multiple elements

Saylors: I try to get dates from each of them seperately

Vassen: Stop repeating traversals and start caching that ****

Mansour: Shoky: instead of this var start =

Grandner: Decx: i have to return dates

Vassen: Doesnt change a thing

Vassen: You can just cache your traversal once

Vassen: Var tofield = $this.parent.find’.to’;

Vassen: Now you can tofield.val or whatever

Goudy: I have several $’.to’

Scurry: You can create multiple elements

Vassen: You still dont get the concept do you

Szostak: Decx: map iterates all things right

Keesecker: Man what about create ten elements

Flager: You will get every dates

Ellena: I just want to get it only dates i selected from input box

Roarx: It’s less about your english. more that you don’t say what the problem is. you said you need to get the dates, we told you how .datepicker’getDate’ though you already knew that

Roarx: So we don’t know what the problem is

Roarx: And if the problem is that you want us to do it for you, then no :

Roarx: We’ve seen how that works out :

Bothof: Shoky: can you create two datepickers and select dates from first datepickers you will see starting date and ending date is null. When you select dates from second datepicker you will see all dates in an array. Two arrays are created pls check the console

Roarx: Yes. the same thing you’ve been pasting here for weeks

Gouger: You still haven’t fixed your global lookups

Garcea: Decx it should work with: $’.panel-body’.find’inputname=’ + item +”.rules’remove’;

Terrall: If you don’t fix what we tell you is an issue, why should we try?

Roarx: Hellyeah: again, you did not specify any problem

Laporte: TypeError: j is undefined .{var d,e,f,g,h,i,j=this0;ifbswitchd=a.dataj.form,”validator”.settings,e=d.

Mende: Jquery.min.js line 4, col 1459

Driedric: How should i make a spinner that appears during the loading of a page inside iframe, and disappears after done loading the contents in the iframe?