Takenaka: maybe i can.

Stokan: Https://jsfiddle.net/superrodris/1u1wdwf4/

Wolanin: Here I have the paragraph with the link

Wykes: And below’s my accordion code

Wiget: Let me know if something’s missing

Inskeep: Gangler: like this? https://jsfiddle.net/jz5jga78/13/

Gangler: You don’t need the slice. and i checked the min, max, and the hotelPrice and it looked like they were all numbers so you don’t have to convert anything

Neundorfer: I have my full accordion here http://codepen.io/mlrodriguez/pen/aNjEKX

Takenaka: Lucchia that’s not how you includde jquery and jquery ui :

Takenaka: Https://jsfiddle.net/Takenaka/1u1wdwf4/2/

Takenaka: Also: that’s not your full accordion.

Takenaka: Mind acutally fleshing that out a bit?

Treleven: Gangler: updated https://jsfiddle.net/jz5jga78/15/

Brickner: Https://jsfiddle.net/superrodris/1u1wdwf4/4/

Lindfors: That’s the whole thing

Kapiloff: The link I’m trying to get to work is the one that says

Ohaver: For more detail on these three methods, check the Excel, CSV, Do***ents and Images section.

Takenaka: That’s not how you use fiddle :

Ditta: I’m used to Codepen, sorry :S

Gangler: Ks: more like https://jsfiddle.net/jz5jga78/17/ but for some reason right now the range check is not working unless one of the values matches the min or max so something funky is going on

Gangler: Your p***ing in the same value as the min and max

Gangler: Https://jsfiddle.net/jz5jga78/20/

Stole: Http://codepen.io/mlrodriguez/pen/aNjEKX

Bardin: Gangler: wow, this actually works :

Gangler: What you didn’t believe us? ;

Mascari: Gangler: thanks a lot, and Takenaka kudos, you are real jquery ninjas

Mathieu: Can you load a local file in jsfiddile, if so how?

Takenaka: Not without opening yourself up to a very dangerous vulnerability.

Takenaka: Need to host it somewhere.

Takenaka: Is it something you wrote or is it a library or something.

Mathieu: Https://github.com/gestixi/image-scale/blob/master/image-scale.js

Takenaka: Use rawgit for that instead.

Takenaka: Which si why you use rawgit.

Mathieu: Https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gestixi/image-scale/master/image-scale.js

Takenaka: Https://jsfiddle.net/Takenaka/cv7tczuf/

Mathieu: Refused to execute script from ‘https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GestiXi/image-scale/master/image-scale.js’ because its MIME type ‘text/plain’ is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled.

Takenaka: Not raw.githubusercontent.

Bingham: Hey guys, how can i display this tooltip for only 5 seconds? is there a timeout or something? $e.trigger.attr’title’, ‘Copied!’.tooltip’fixTitle’.tooltip’show’;

Takenaka: What tooltip lib ar you using?

Mathieu: What does this error mean? cover-ui.js:37 Uncaught TypeError: $..imageScale is not a function

Mathieu: Is it the function or the selector?

Cartledge: Anyone know why in chrome I get undefined:1 Uncaught in promise DOMException: The play request was interrupted by a call to pause.

Dorosan: Takenaka: not a tooltip lib i think… i use clipboard.js to copy stuff to clipboard and theres a success event

Takenaka: Mathieu that means imageScale isn’t defined yet.

Takenaka: Luist you’re bringing in something that defines .tooltip.

Takenaka: So you’ll need to figure out what that is.

Lemelle: Takenaka: i use $”#embed-content”.tooltip{‘placement’:’bottom’}; and it works

Takenaka: Luist yeah, there’s a library defining .tooltip

Nagtalon: Takenaka: maybe i can define durations the native way