Ks: you can console.

Takenaka: I’m guessing your data is coming from an ajax call.

Ronson: Takenaka: no it’s a static data, I’m just filtering it in jquery

Takenaka: And yeah, just hook into your change event.

Gangler: I’d show/hide personally if it’s static

Takenaka: That’s one way. I’d do the wholesale replace.

Fremin: How do I include UI elements?

Takenaka: Lol i mean by “ui elements”

Hougham: Have a look https://jsfiddle.net/jz5jga78/9/

Gangler: Change it to 2.1.4 and ui will be an option to select

Gangler: You don’t have to do a jquery closure in that top function

Gangler: Your calling it from a function that is called from inside a jq closure

Connery: Yeah jquery ui – slider is not rendered, tried a couple of options still don’t show it properly

Takenaka: Ks look at what Gangler suggested.

Gangler: Ah, so your consider jQueryfunction${} a jqclosure, not $function{} ?

Gangler: Heh, i just call that an iife, :

Takenaka: It’s also that – but it’s an IIFE to protect $.

Takenaka: Ks i don’t see a slider-range anywhere in your HTML./

Boddorf: Takenaka: https://jsfiddle.net/jz5jga78/11/

Takenaka: Ks drop jquery down to 2.1.4 and then check the jquery ui checkbox.

Drucker: Takenaka: thanks, now it works :

Blechinger: I mean, I can see slider

Woehrle: I want to ask you if you had lunch yet but i know you dont like it so i wont ask

Takenaka: That stopped being funny a long time ago.

Takenaka: Ks that all making more sense now?

Woehrle: I dont know why he kicked me

Gangler: Ks as far as providing the array to give to the display when a change happens, look into using filter

Smyser: Takenaka: sorry i was distracted by this slider thing, might missed important stuff you suggested

Gangler: And you may or may not want to do some p****Int or p****Float in there

Frihart: Gangler: not sure I completely understand :

Gangler: Are you familiar with array filtering?

Ciesielski: Gangler: ah, some array manipulation ?

Gangler: Just filter. what kind of IE support do you have to have?

Herrick: Gangler: minimal if at all

Gangler: So not concerned with older IE versions

Gangler: In that case you can use the native filter function to get only the elements you want

Takenaka: Alternatively you can include es5-shim and not worry about it :

Takenaka: Es5-shim + jquery makes your life a lot easier when handling older browsers.

Gangler: Arr.filterfunction{ /* logic goes in here testing ‘this’ to see if it should be included in the results. return true for those that should */ };

Pinkard: Anyone who can help with jquery accordion?

Takenaka: Lucchia plenty of people can.

Takenaka: Put your question in the channel. if somebody can help, they will :

Delmendo: Gangler: like this ? https://jsfiddle.net/jz5jga78/12/ i’ve added new function

Leyra: I’m trying to get an accordion to open up when I click on a link

Takenaka: Lucchia alright so where are you stuck?

Gangler: Ks: yeah, now the only thing you need to do is make sure all of those things are numbers

Nellem: I’ve put my accordion code

Wenker: And the accordion is set to be collapsed always, because it’s pretty big

Alcide: And I want it to be displayed only when a link with a given ID is displayed

Takenaka: Lucchia can you make an example using https://jsfiddle.net/ ?

Gangler: Ks: you can console.logtypeof variable to make sure they are all “number”