I mean there should be some.

Takenaka: Mathieu you usually get that when you run your code before a plugin is defined.

Takenaka: Konye http://stackoverflow.com/a/36898221

Mathieu: Here is my script i can’t seem to figure out what is causing problem at line 36 function is part of the image-scale

Mathieu: Http://pastebin.com/fNQeNckf

Takenaka: Mathieu image-scale may not play well with require.

Takenaka: Might need to use a shim.

Mathieu: It appears so. whats the fix?

Mathieu: You mean require shim?

Takenaka: A shim in require, yes.

Mathieu: Added the following require’bower_components/es5-shim/es5-shim’;

Palmberg: Hello Guys, can anyone help me with this question ? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36943082/form-displayed-using-jquery-submits-successfully-but-no-submit-response?noredirect=1#comment61450639_36943082 any help would be greatly appreciated

Takenaka: Mathieu that’s not what i meant.

Takenaka: Mathieu http://requirejs.org/docs/jquery.html#shimconfig

Takenaka: Vivekkkkk that’s a lot to read – what’s the question?

Menasco: Takenaka: hmm, basically I want to display form on http://formrnd.byteck.com/test-form/ to http://form.byteck.com I am using ajax to get source code from http://formrnd.byteck.com/test-form/ and putting it on forms.byteck.com , form takes input but the response is not shown. like whether submitted successfully or not

Cassavaugh: For those who joined late, question is , https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36943082/form-displayed-using-jquery-submits-successfully-but-no-submit-response?noredirect=1#comment61450639_36943082

Takenaka: That question doesn’t really make sense.

Merriweather: Takenaka: how ? I just want to put some html from one site to another using ajax, whats wrong ?

Takenaka: Okay, that makes more sense.

Takenaka: So which page are you grabbing HTML from?

Thwaites: Its http://formrnd.byteck.com/test-form/

Zittel: That other page is http://forms.byteck.com

Takenaka: Okay. so http://forms.byteck.com/ uses ajax to pull the contents of http://formrnd.byteck.com/test-form/ onto it, right?

Takenaka: Okay. so that part works.

Takenaka: That the ajax handler for the form doesn’t work?

Oppenlander: The bug is that there is a contact form on http://formrnd.byteck.com/test-form/ which is working properly on http://formrnd.byteck.com/test-form/, but not on http://forms.byteckcom

Podwoski: Yes the confirmation for form submission is not shown on http://forms.byteck.com

Takenaka: Because you’re not including any of that javascrpt.

Takenaka: Or at least it’s not binding – which menas it’s not loading or running.

Witterstauter: Those javascripts will be included I guess

Takenaka: Why are you doing this like this?

Takenaka: Why not just duplicate the page server-side?

Takenaka: Or route so that those urls go to the same page?

Latina: Because I want to use forms on static sites those sites which don’t have php or anything running, only static

Takenaka: Why? why not just require that they include html + js + css?

Kai: Hmm ? I am not getting you. I want to use forms on static sites which don’t have php support. hence I am including form from other page which has static support using ajax

Takenaka: Static sites can use html.

Mathieu: Takenaka: that did. th dude

Takenaka: Vivekkkkk so instead of trying to use ajax to copy things over, you just make them include html, js, and css.

Lasher: Yes but what about form submit action ? robertmaxrees

Takenaka: Your javascript handles that.

Takenaka: You wire that all up like you did before

Spurgeon: I mean there should be some php that handles mail such things robertmaxrees