Sometimes the deadline is.

Douvier: My input box filters the items listed in the select box, so the display needs to update as I tpye

Moczygemba: I’ve tried option.prop’selected’,true, $”#selectId”.valoption.val;

Swales: Nothing is triggering the browser to update the select box display

Asman: Codecutter: i donno, never used that plugin

Sibel: Is there some kind of keycode mapping that I can use instead of e.keyCode == n? It’d be nice to do something like e.keyCode == $.keys.DELETE or something

Szychowski: I’m sure something exists out there that you could use though,

Kilgallon: If it isn’t built in, I’d rather spare the cruft

Griffey: Szychowski: thanks a lot :

Szychowski: Could always build a minimal version of your own.

Szychowski: And then you could do e.keyCode === keyCodes.ENTER or whatever

Crellin: Yeah I thought about that

Szychowski: I do that kind of thing all the time.

Koelzer: If I used them a lot, it would make a lot of sense

Kleeb: For just one spot, eh

Szychowski: Just so I have something readable.

Szychowski: Even if it’s for one spot.

Bulkeley: I just added a comment

Szychowski: S’why i tend to name functions instead of using anonymous ones.

Szychowski: Since the name can tell you what it does.

Pucci: How to removeCl*** after mouse leaves DIV?

Demarce: Also allows you to recurse

Szychowski: PrintForever an event handler.

Camacho: Szychowski, I’vetried using .hover

Mismit: Szychowski, I want to remove a div when I click anywhere on the page, except on the div itself. I tried negating it, but it didnt work.

Szychowski: How did you try to negate it?

Szychowski: But even adding $ won’t work.

Sandland: I should register the click if it was out side #mydiv

Szychowski: You want if !$this.closest’#mydiv’.length {}

Szychowski: In your event handler.

Szychowski: Which should be something like $do***ent.on’click’, functione {};

Szychowski: And actuall,y $this should be something like $e.currentTarget

Ellwood: You will need to compare it, if the_element_clicked_on.getName === “mydiv”. i don’t know jquery though, I don’t know the exact function…

Nobbe: But I’m not clicking on the do***.

Szychowski: Mihail-js he wants .closest

Sidi: Mihail-js, yeah. comparing it

Szychowski: PrintForever right, but the event bubbles to the do***ent.

Szychowski: So you need to bind your listener there.

Szychowski: Https://

Szychowski: Check here to see which property it is on the event object.

Szychowski: Iirc it’s currentTarget but I could have that wrong,

Szychowski: Should check out the docs for .closest btw.

Szychowski: It’s a nice little method.

Szychowski: There’s a good chance you’ll need to stopPropagation against that event, too.

Doward: Szychowski, I can’t get it to work

Knesel: It’s just one of those days

Kazi: Can’t. have 3 more hours

Dubill: To fix and go through all of the tasks

Szychowski: Seems nutty to be working so late.

Szychowski: Seems like it shoulda been done yesterday then.

Szychowski: We never say 4:00am here.

Szychowski: At my company – like, we never say “the deadline is 4:00am”. the deadline is the day before.

Szychowski: You shouldn’t need to be working that late into the night.

Ruef: Sometimes the deadline is “today” but it ends up taking longer than expected so you just keep working until it’s done