I’m sure it isn’t huge, but.

Johar: I agree with you both

Szychowski: We just tell our product managers that we’ll need more time shrug

Szychowski: Since having people work that late into the night is really counterproductive.

Curney: I couldn’t agree more

Marecki: And now I need RedBull.

Szychowski: Burnout is a really big problem. never understood the kind of place that encourages it.

Ostasiewicz: Any good plugins for inline not floating or hovering tooltips?

Szychowski: What would that look like?

Ostasiewicz: It would look like an inline not floating or hovering tooltip

Szychowski: So it would replace the current text?

Szychowski: I guess i can’t envision what you mean by “inline”

Ostasiewicz: Robertmaxtrees: http://imgur.com/a/Kte9j

Ostasiewicz: Ignore the black line; its a screen flicker artifact from screencapturing using the display maanger

Szychowski: Okay. so the tooltop is the box with the dropdown and stuff in it?

Szychowski: That doesn’t have to be a tooltip at all.

Szychowski: That could just be a div you show/hide

Ostasiewicz: Yes, I had thought of that

Ostasiewicz: Theres the small matter of the arrow pointy thingy

Szychowski: You can accomplish that with css.

Szychowski: Https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/css-triangle/

Barientos: Was trying to get a value of an input field in the reveal modal using its ID, but was unsuccessful and has to use the cl*** instead, why do these popup modals create a copy of the code?

Arita: What kind of popup modals? Are you making them yourself, or is there some kind of framework? Copy of what code?

Magrone: Bazan: bootstrap modals, foundation reveal modals

Taliulu: Okay, so the actual HTML markup?

Sanderford: Can you isolate it in a fiddle?

Kuni: I’m trying to use ‘.on’click’, function { . }; to click a button that was generated with ajax. It isn’t working, though. Is there any way around this? I believe it’s because clicking is synchronous, while ajax generated content is asynchronous.

Baldrey: Buehler: Sounds like you need delegation

Lucks: Https://learn.jquery.com/events/event-delegation/

Crace: Dammit, that was for you celty.

Antonopoulos: I’ve actually looked at that quite a few times to try to get my code to work, but I guess I don’t fully understand it since it hasn’t changed anything. Thank you, though! I’ll definitely give it another look at right now. 😀

Denio: The point of it is to attach the event to an element surrounding where the ajax-y buttons are inserted.

Raad: Celty: the principle is: you bind the event to a parent that’s on that page on load.

Sturino: Let’s say they’re all in a specific div, with the ID of foo. You’d say $”#foo button”.on”click”,functionRefHere;

Tanniehill: That would attach functionRefHere to all buttons, current and future, inside div id=”foo”

Walchli: It’s: $’#foo’.on’click’, ‘button’, func;

Nawwar: I had it the wrong way around.

Antonopoulos: So, could I use $”#foo button”.on”click”, “input:last”, function; ?

Lovitt: Sorry about mixing it up in my head like that .

Antonopoulos: Then, remove the ‘button’ part. I can use “input:last”, right?

Offley: Anyone familiar with bootstrap-select?

Dominique: Celty: Not very familiar with the :last selector. Why not inputtype=”submit” or similar?

Schlipp: AFAIK, the :last selector carries a performance penalty.

Antonopoulos: I’m afraid that I’ve given that a try and no dice.

Antonopoulos: Oh, huh, that’s interesting to know.

Kohr: I’m sure it isn’t huge, but there is no equivalent DOM method, so what it does is essentially grabbing all the elements and then discarding all but the last one.