Rethus: No, but you are.

Szychowski: Lots of users out there on it :

Quillan: Right, then the popstate event is relevant.

Szychowski: Pretty easy stuff to work with.

Brevil: Back when I wrote software for $huge_techsupport_company I had to allow for IE6. This was in ~2010

Szychowski: I have to support IE8.

Havelka: From what I hear, they still use IE6 for their internal stuff.

Szychowski: The aforementioned company?

Dagnone: I just feel blessed I don’t work there anymore.

Szychowski: I worked at a place with a similar problem.

Szychowski: Weird activex controls and stuff.

Szychowski: Alright i gotta jet. enjoy folk.

Brusseau: In jquery ui, when creating a dialog with buttons, can I make those buttons with a tags instead of button tags?

Matuszek: I could do something crufty with the create option, but I would greatly prefer not to implement hacky stuff that mutates the button after

Weddington: Hey, can anyone help me? I’m trying to figure it out why this simple code doesn’t replace the div contactResponse with the result of the form request,output

Helvik: First of all wrap it in $function{} djx

Frankovich: Or $do***ent.ready{} –***ent-ready/

Scahill: Im trying to get the value outside of the change function what am i missing?

Camarda: _August_, this is the first time I see something like this: $’input:checkboxname=”flex”‘ I would simply enter $’inputname=”flex”‘

Caple: And this is how I usually check if checked: if$”:checked”

Taverab: I would no write the if at al

Golightley: Still doesnt solve my problem tho. I should be able to access the variable since im defining it as a global

Taverab: FlexText = $”:checked”;

Taverab: Window.flexText = $”:checked”;

Vik: And if you want string: flexText = $”:checked”?’true’:’false’;

Taverab: An _August_ the reason

Taverab: Is you console log the variable

Taverab: Before the event change is triggered

Taverab: Check this bei var flexText = “not triggered yet”;

Darville: But im defining it before the change function

Schuppert: It should p*** through it

Taverab: But the console log is wrong

Taverab: Try it by defining another function outsite

Taverab: Which console log the var

Taverab: An call the function after the if in the change function and you will see

Taverab: Http://

Muinos: Hmm ok i see it, how do i solve it tho. i want to be able to get true or false outside of the trigger, i am going to be p***ing it into an ajax argument

Taverab: Just write. var flexText = false;

Taverab: And its false on default only when it change it gets now value ;

Taverab: Its not a jquery thing. 😀

Freimuth: _August_ jquery isn’t stupid, your logic is wrong.

Taverab: Sometimes its confusing with events ;

Taverab: When you never done it ;D

Sidley: I do not know what e is

Cammarn: JavaScript object injected into handlers

Ferroni: Can anyone help me try and make this js/jquery more efficient?

Zahorchak: Simple function that ‘sticks’ an element when you scroll to the end of it

Badagliacca: I wonder if the scroll function is too intensive?

Bilotto: Is there a way to bind an trigger to changes on “cl***” attribute of an element?

Sgroi: Rethus: No, but you are probably looking for $’.cl***Name’.on’change’, handler;