The second is the cl*** to.

Garibaldo: Tuite: Thank you. But are the “change” fired even on changing css-cl***es?

Brensnan: Bongjovi: I do not think you need window.load inside dom.ready

Delk: The code does not seem to be overly complex.

Damien: Rethus: There is some misconception there. Anyway afaik there is no cl***ChangeEvent. The usual way is: You trigger a function, where you change the cl***.

Saldi: I have now this bind. $’.subnavi’.bind’isVisible’,isVisible;

Kuhlmann: But the function is not fired

Mulder: Tuite: I try to do this. If layer with cl*** .subnavi has remove ‘cl***=”hide”‘, it should be fired

Klase: I do not know any “isVisible”-event. Plus the name would not fit an event.

Gehm: IsVisible is the event I’ve triggerd

Hickey: Wherever you call .removeCl*** you also call your handler function.

Froning: Have you created a custom event isVisible?

Larrick: How do I have to create a custom event?

Sykora: Lmgtfy:

Querta: I thougt bind and trigger doing the trick

Zbranek: You can only trigger events.

Bolan: Trigger to fire / create a custom event. bind or on newer jquery “on” to catch it

Smoley: You can not trigger a state or a variable.

Witbeck: So isVisible is bad name choice for a handler. It might even collide with the builtin jQuery function.

Mcclenty: And of course you could directly call visibilityChangesubnavi instead of subnavi.trigger’visibilityChange’;

Concannon: Do I have event.pageY for window?

Kuipers: As there seems to be low activity in #angular, can anyone recommend another angular channel?

Ebrahimi: Well, preferably where there is discussions with angular and development with angular 2 beta

Malinky: Have you looked through the /list ?

Malinky: You probably want #angularjs instead of #angular

Malinky: 616 users compaired to. 5

Arend: Oh haha. knew It had to be something like that. thank you

Caraway: Are there any plugins that work well for ajax navigation

Ihm: What do you want the plugin to do?

Caraway: Like load pages via ajax instead of using links to load

Caraway: And posting form data

Caraway: Instead of traditional form posts

Ihm: You might google around. i don’t know anything off hand that is small. bigger projects could use angular

Ihm: Though someone a while back was using an ajaxForm plugin or something, but it was kinda out dated if I recall

Pedone: If I want to add all tables in my web page to the table-bordered cl*** provided by Bootstrap CSS, would the correct line be this? $’#table’.addCl***’table-bordered’;

Feddes: I ask cause that doesn’t work for me :

Ihm: Well your selecting by an id

Ihm: Which must be unique on the page, so.

Stahley: Ihm that is what the hash tag means?

Yeoman: So, do i want this then? $’table’.addCl***’table-bordered’;

Benkert: Oh, this? $’table’.addCl***’.table-bordered’;

Faragoza: Ihm, css doesn’t have a way to apply a cl*** defined by somebody else’s css I’m just importing Bootstrap CSS to all tags of a certain type without copying and pasting the values from that cl***, which violates DRY

Ihm: No, i’m saying the selectors are the same

Desantiago: This also doesn’t work $’table’.addCl***’.table-bordered’;

Ihm: The second one isn’t a selector

Ihm: That should just be the cl***

Dauer: Yes, remove the dot .

Ihm: The first is a selector of a tag, so it’s just ‘table’

Ihm: The second is the cl*** to put on it