I couldnt care less about.

Szychowski: Why not just put in your js?

Szychowski: Like, why are you building things via js?

Hinkson: I read do***entation and the first way of initialization I found was js.

Szychowski: Right, to initialize it, but you’re doing some really strange stuff in your code.

Cittadini: I see docs now and I can’t see any other way of init.

Lasota: Szychowski: Just for getting size of image.

Evartt: Plugin can’t do it by himself.

Szychowski: Why do you need the size?

Samaniego: And it needs width and height.

Roetzler: It doesn’t work without it. I checked.

Szychowski: You give it a specific width or height to use.

Szychowski: Otherwise, you should supply that information from the server-side.

Patajo: Besides, a good question. Why there is now way to init via html. I’ll ask on github

Szychowski: The js init isn’t your issue.

Szychowski: And it’s pretty barebones.

Videen: Then. you said I should use php to form a js code.

Szychowski: If you want a more fully featured gallery, there are plenty out there.

Leins: Extra ajax call then?

Szychowski: You should output JSON from your PHP that has the relevant data.

Widjaja: Click image-ajax call for getting json data about images – init gallery -show gallery?

Szychowski: Just print it onto the page when the page loads.

Leppert: So. use php to form js?

Szychowski: The php won’t touch logic – that code should be in a separate js file.

Skipworth: Scriptvar json={.}/script

Pezez: Strange plugin. I used many, but such a strange plugin I see the first time.

Szychowski: Why are you using it?

Bleeker: Mobile, touch friendly.

Stolsig: There are not so many of them.

Szychowski: Carousels are a bad UX concept fwiw.

Wiesel: There is one more strange thing that makes this little ‘system’ more difficult.

Niswender: All code is in separate js file. I need to insert json using php in my view.

Marsingill: As separate js files are not handled by php.

Santora: Is this a good practice?.

Szychowski: Var myImageData = {}; then just access myImageData elsewhere.

Szychowski: Traditionally you’d do something like var myNameSpace = {}; then add properties to that and access through that.

Younger: Szychowski: Finally, its working.

Falls: But. without json object for now. It is 6.38am already, so json will be not now

Southward: Code become more. neat. Beautiful.

Poynton: Anyone in here use hulu via a browser? i promise this relates to jquery

Zigich: I don’t, but perhaps if you explain the problem someone can help you anyway.

Luu: JQuery pretty much works the same with or without hulu.

Sers: Thanks to everyone for help. I’ll get some sleep.

Schiffman: Whenever you click on a video in hulu the url changes and the page changes position but I can’t seem to find out what event to listen to for the trigger. neither hashchange or do***ent.ready work

Mortel: Grkblood: That’s simply pushing the new URL to the history and scrolling a little.

Szychowski: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/History_API

Sayer: So how to you monitor that?

Szychowski: Look at what i just linked :

Szychowski: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/History_API#The_popstate_event

Szychowski: Browser support is pretty bad though

Szychowski: Well, by “pretty bad” i mean “ie 9 and below” which can be a dealbreaker for some folks.

Scarpelli: I couldnt care less about anything ie