Yea the multiply isn’t the.

Ro: So if an image floats right, I should put it before the text?

Harig: There’s two trailing p after the float element? They can’t be both anchors to the float, can they?

Skreen: Pewpau: preferably, there are cases when you can put the img on the right of it in the code, and still end up at the right, if the containing element is at an end, and the img is the last element in it

Reisenauer: Pewpau: nope, just the inline element ahead of it

Wengler: Can you auto-size a div?

Bloodough: I mean, its width. Since I want to set its margin to auto

Nading: Pewpau: what are you trying to accomplish?

Chavarria: Pewpau: also. got url? are you just doing some transition?

Stockwin: Bprompt: a centered menu. span id=”menu” .alink1alink2. /span

Vandiver: Pewpau: that. a big ***ue though. got url? or picture of what you’re trying to do?

Capracotta: Bprompt: it’s a local html file. will try to paste

Varvel: Bprompt: that’s what I’ve got, I want the “link list” centered

Tinelli: Easier to see html

Nard: Pewpau: hmmm I don’t follow. is that the actual page?

Velastegui: Bprompt: yes, it’s just an outline

Kime: Bprompt: struggling with getting the links centered on the page

Sobeski: I started like 20 minutes ago :p

Mascioli: Pewpau: so, your domain is

Horeth: I don’t have a domain, it’s a local html file

Christopherse: It’s the html that I pasted

Foisy: Html? is hardly text

Buhman: Pewpau: got a design sheet done yet? so we could take a peek at? just a quick screenshot of it

Brockney: Bprompt, it’s all there is: h1 style=”text-align:center” Title /h1 div id=”menu” a href=”/1″Menu item 1/a /div

Lopez: I just need that link list to be centered on the screen.

Summar: There is nothing else, that’s the actual design

Bucheli: Pewpau: hmm I suggest you get a design rolling first then

Wanda: The design is: the links centered on the screen.

Wethington: At the very least on pencil and paper

Simeon: Centered title new line centered list of alinks

Godinho: That’s the actual design.

Vojna: Hello i’m trying to find out why my text shows as black instead of blending

Lodrigue: Pewpau, perhaps this one?

Chagollan: Can I make elements spread evenly on a line?

Mcdilda: C0nundrum: I myself am not very clear on how the “multiply” would affect it

Lodrigue: Pewpau, what do you mean on spread? :

Samaroo: Display:flex; justify-content: space-between;

Maltie: It’s some new css thing.

Schleker: Spreads elements evenly over a line.

Lodrigue: Http://

Backey: Lol yes Lodrigue, that

Scholtens: Bprompt using those same blend modes in photoshop the text color comes out like this

Moudy: There is a photoshop blend mode mixin for s*** btw.

Arosemena: Like in photoshop the background is red and it has a multiply effect and the text is white and has a difference effect

Kwok: So i’m not sure why in css, the solor is not coming out to the bluish color in that screenshot

Reinhardt: C0nundrum: wondering, since it doesn’t look like that in gimp

Viesselman: Can you screenshot what it looks like for u

Tripplett: C0nundrum: well, I”m sided to PS myself. just wondering if the layer stacking was the same

Cellupica: Yea the multiply isn’t the issue i think