Lol jak2000, that looks.

Mckeag: Ok then i’ll leave it as it is

Baggett: More lightweight flicker

Nikaido: Lol you’re really obsessed with this lightweight concept.

Esteybar: What is the purpose of the page? what about doing something like fading in each thumbnail as its ***ets have finished loading? so people aren’t mousing over stuff that hasn’t finished loading?

Darrin: Skizm knowing when things have “finished loading” is the headache there/

Rittie: The load event doesn’t bubble, so now you’re binding 900+ load event listeners one to each image and adding in a bunch of deferred logic to handle that, and adv_ is for some strange reason really obsessed with performance.

Caywood: Robertmaxrees: because i don’t want a laggy webpage ? :/

Lancon: Other advice, i want create a wizard with this questions 1 Wich Customer? CANCEL/NEXT 2 Wich City CANCEL/NEXT 3 Range of Price CANCEL/NEXT . any advice how to start it?

Berdan: You’re prematurely optimizing though, adv_

Vonstaden: Jak2000 what kind of advice are you looking for?

Dimmer: You want a form with some divs that you hide/show using some event listeners.

Cozier: It works as it is, i just thought i could easily get rid of the ux annoyance which is the initial mouseenter flicker not the flicker between the lazy images, to be specific

Schink: Adv_ your UX annoyance is based off of something that seems like an ***umption.

Roskelley: Isn’t all UX based on ***umptions? ;

Vandergiessen: Well, ux design that is

Mattila: Should be based on research

Brunetto: That loading the first few images for each of those “Carousels” is somehow going to present a big problem.

Mulaney: Mattila: yes, that research creates those ***umptions

Reuter: Not really ***umptions.

Mastel: You can quantify things pretty quickly.

Mattila: Lol, by that reasoning, everything is an ***umption. i ***ume

Estel: Well, everything starting with “most users.”

Mattila: Can’t please everyone

Henne: Which usually means “most of our users.”

Dyment: Aka “our average user”

Lehmkuhl: Uhkis a/b testing is pretty cool ;

Akes: But i can see 500 requests vs 100 requests in the network tab

Challberg: Sure. and how is it performing for you?

Meidinger: But this is psychology, not for #jquery

Hackett: Adv_ close your dev tools for a second.

Zacarias: You’re ***uming you have performance issues without actually seeing if they exist.

Mccorvey: What’s your overall pageweight?

Kampner: Mattila, robertmaxrees, yes or modal forms?

Angustia: Really depends on what your use case is.

Mattila: One question i kinda have is, you listed three questions. how complicated are the answers? cause if they’re not and don’t take up much room, personally, i’d just present all three at once.

Dinos: Ok, i learn more about your comment and return here thanks robertmaxrees

Kluttz: Mattila: im pretty sure human behaviour falls under psychology

Mattila: But you were talking about the difference between an ***umption and fact

Mattila: Or quantatative results

Mattila: Which is more philosophical

Folkers: What’s everyone’s favorite jQuery plugins?

Ming: Interesting:

Folkers: Mvpgraff: that looks interesting never heard of it

Carabez: My vote goes to chosen

Mattila: My favorite plugin is Air Wick

Mattila: Or maybe Glade. i think they were the first with the whole “plug it in, plug it in” song

Gleichman: Lol jak2000, that looks exactly the thing i tried to find when i originally joined this channel