Child themes are the way to.

Fara: Http://

Jeng: Yeah. were you hacked?

Fara: Halcom changed in the site. thats the weridest thing

Fara: Maybe it is a bridge for that

Fara: But Halcom was changed. I’m just not sure what I should do to get rid of that

Jeng: Re-download the theme from the original location; delete the theme as on your site and upload the “clean” version in its place. Delete before uploading; don’t just upload over it.

Fara: I noticed I have 2 versions of the theme,

Fara: 1.0.5 and 1.0.6, in 1.0.5 that part of code doesnt appear

Jeng: ON the developer’s site?

Jeng: Have you contacted the developer?

Fara: Not on the developer, in my wordpress

Fara: As I said yesterday, I didn’t create the site, and the company who did has access to the developer site of the theme

Jeng: Trust nothin on your site

Fara: I asked my mate to contact them to get access to the theme company site

Jeng: There you go. Meantime, you can try commenting out that one line.

Fara: I also noticed, I had WPWhiteSecurity user

Fara: That I dont remember it

Fara: And had 4 pages that anchor link to different locksmith sites, like the site was used to anchor link and “push” other sites, only 4 pages, but they are 1 year old so i’m not sure its from today.

Powless: Rapid: , and stop trying to patch up your hacked site. Reinstall or restore your backups. And read

Fara: Could be from very long time ago that my friend and the other company who built the site didnt see it.

Lokan: Going on and on about something we can’t and won’t solve here is pretty pointless.

Fara: Opsec great attitude it’s not like im forcing you to answer

Jeng: Rapid: until you have a clean theme, Halcom can really be done.

Jeng: Otherwise, it’s just a lot of guessing.

Lokan: Rapid: it’s not an attitude, it’s just really pointless

Jeng: Install Wordfence and have it scan all wordpress, plugin, and theme files

Fara: Yep, is there a good anti virus plug-in just incase?

Jeng: Read what I just wrote

Fara: Lol we sent at the same second

Lokan: It’s like saying over and over “there’s lots of sand and the beach, i can’t believe i have some in my shoe!”

Dimsdale: Rapid: Wordfence Security –

Kaumo: I am looking at how to build a child theme but I am still confused. How can I update the parent theme if I have the child theme activated? Where do I set the distinction.

Fara: Opsec I understand, but you dont have to reply if you are not willing to

Lokan: Rapid: i’m telling you, it’s pointless and annoying

Jeng: Noahmg123: if the parent needs an update, you update it as you would any theme.

Lokan: Rapid: you also do not have to fill the channel with it ;

Jeng: Your changes are safe in the child.

Furlotte: Jeng: but where do I set the distinction that is a child of said parent?

Goolsbee: Noahmg123:

Lokan: Noahmg123: the child is essentially *another* theme, *based on* the parent

Fara: Lol ok opsec dont take this too serious i’m just trying to get help, sry for disturbing your peace lets p***

Lokan: Rapid: looked to me just like rambling about being hacked. i didn’t see any questions.

Tomasso: Opsec: ok. I’ll keep looking but I may end up using a plugin because of how complicated my theme is.

Lokan: Noahmg123: that’s a bad move.

Lokan: Child themes are the way to go if your theme is not made explicitly by you