Noahmg123: but if you like.

Sumrow: Hi folks. I’m looking for a widget that will display tweets from a *list* on twitter, any suggestions?

Schenker: Hello people. Please I created a custom form with html for my contact page, and I want to send the form content to my email. I do not wish to use a plugin, and I have customised a php email script and svaed it in the main directory of my wordpress site. I have also pointed the form action to the script name in my server location. But all to no avail, what do I do? And I aslo wish to let the thank you message be displayed just

Cunnington: Opsec: I know, but I am pretty sure I will loose my theme’s GUI if I use a chid theme.

Lokan: Noahmg123: why is that?

Jeng: Azubuike: ” I do not wish to use a plugin” why?

Trongone: Opsec: the GUI for my theme only shows when it itself is activated.

Lokan: Noahmg123: i’ve made 100’s of child themes, never lost anything. what facts/data are leading you to think this?

Hedgebeth: Opsec: Sorry, it is the backend GUI settings

Naruaez: Because I want to be original, and do things by myself at least

Lokan: Noahmg123: you’re not doing it correctly then, what is the “GUI of your theme” . i don’t get that.

Jeng: Azubuike: 30 seconds to install a plugin vs. ?

Lokan: Azubuike: that’s not being “original” at all.

Lokan: Azubuike: that’s making things a pain in the *** for yourself

Moland: Opsec: Sorry, my theme has it’s own settings section that only appears when it is activated.

Mariello: Well. at least I will learn how to do it after all

Jeng: Azubuike: that wheel has already been invented several times; not a good place to invest your time.

Lokan: Noahmg123: what theme?

Jeng: You cannot child theme that piece of crap

Ladesma: Jeng: Oh, you know u-design?

Jeng: I will not offer any support or guidance for it. It’s something I inherited and am about to replace

Camilleri: Jeng: yeah. It’s good as long as you don’t want to delve deeper into the PHP code or even CSS sometimes

Jeng: No, it’s good for Halcom.

Anoe: Jeng: to each his own

Jeng: Bloated, over-optioned

Lokan: Noahmg123: if a theme shows up on themeforest, 100% guaranteed piece of garbage

Jeng: Doro: the site i’m dealing with uses U-Design AND Visual Composer

Lokan: The movie tommy boy has a nice section about such things.

Sammer: Opsec: why do you say to?

Asmus: Jeng: I thankfully don’t know what visual composer is

Jeng: You are truly blessed.

Lokan: Noahmg123: because no theme is worth money. plugins, yes. but theme’s . no.

Lokan: There’s like 40 starter themes that cover the gambit of what a developer might want

Cracchiolo: Jeng: I can see as a developer how Visual Composer is bad, but for people wh don’t know how to develop, it works.

Maccord: I’m trying to search/replace URLs in a DB but one of the rows is an array of theme options that includes string lengths, like ‘s:26:””‘. When I replace the URLs the string lengths change and the theme options break. Any ideas how I can update these URLs?

Dingell: I suggest something like for a starter theme.

Lohrman: Opsec: so. a bit off-topic but are you in the wordpress slack thingy?

Harold: Fuf: Use WP Migrate DB or similar

Lokan: It’s not off topic to talk about slack or wp here ;

Jeng: It produces shortcodes inside shortocdes inside shortcodes and encourages on the fly design rather than an up front process of marketing plan – message plan – message – functionality – design – development

Pounders: Opsec: ok. I submitted a request for an invite. It’s been a year and I still have not gotten it. I have emailed support at least 3 times.

Jeng: Noahmg123: but if you like it, OK. Just don’t call yourself a WordPress developer.