Emporio install the plugin.

Vogeler: Search and replace will do for all posts and pages

Bubier: Woo seems to be a bit too hardcore to config

Vogeler: Gynter its pretty simple to turn all that stuff off

Gayles: I’m stuck here: wordpress-file-is-not-uploading-in-theme-settings">http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32474491/wordpress-file-is-not-uploading-in-theme-settings

Vogeler: Ive done it a step further than what you want, and just turn woocommerce into a catalo,g like a wishlist, etc

Vogeler: Only using woo as a framework, everything else is shut off, when adding products you onlyt have price, external url, and product cats, and content

Karpe: Fris: that part where the if statment begins is not okay

Lecznar: Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Ging: Fris: but it has a feature to send all orders to e-mail?

Vogeler: Gynter no since you cant even order anyting in my example, its just for a catalog, but to do what you want is pretty simple

Vogeler: You would simply turn off any processors, like paypal, etc and customize the checkout page fields, say just for the person to enter an email, instead of billing fields if you want that then order is sent to your email

Vogeler: Emporio you dont need to do a handle for logo upload, the media interface is doing that, or is this from front end?

Vogeler: If its for settings you dont

Vogeler: Emporio use the example i gave you

Vogeler: It does the image upload for settings

Rank: Fris: can you send me it again pls?

Beukelman: Fris: did you read this?

Mizukami: wordpress-file-is-not-uploading-in-theme-settings">Http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32474491/wordpress-file-is-not-uploading-in-theme-settings

Berney: Fris: this is the codex for the handler: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Function_Reference/wp_handle_upload

Jeng: Emporio: whyt doe syour function return stringaz?

Boldosser: It returns stringaz because the something is wrong with the if statement

Vogeler: Emporio wordpress-3-5-media-uploader-in-theme-options/">https://codestag.com/how-to-use-wordpress-3-5-media-uploader-in-theme-options/

Chanofsky: So it returns the else which is a string

Vogeler: You dont need the handle upload

Langmo: But this page is so old, 2012

Stred: Quien me ayuda con una duda?

Skimehorn: Fris: this article is too old bro

Gilliom: Is there a way to call a php function in functions.php using ajax in my theme?

Vogeler: 3.5 is when it was introduced

Heally: Fris: but it’s not php

Vogeler: It uses backbone to upload, and you save the value

Vogeler: You dont need a handler

Vogeler: Emporio https://github.com/thomasgriffin/New-Media-Image-Uploader install this plugin

Vogeler: Its an example on how to do it

Vogeler: So you can see it in action

Rust: Fris: but I’m building a theme

Mojarro: Ok I’ll have a look inna bit. ty

Vogeler: It shows as an example

Vogeler: Theme or plugin tis the same code

Navor: Fris: do you still have that theme where you filter a post type alphabetically using ajax – seem to remember it using a function only available after 4.0

Vogeler: Navor my 2015 child theme

Vogeler: Http://fivebeers.net this one?

Vogeler: Https://github.com/chrismccoy/fivebeers

Navor: Do you remember which part of it was 4.0 and above only? Is it the ajax hooks at the bottom of alphabet.php?

Vogeler: Navor no, v4.2 for the theme

Eskaf: Fris: wordpress-3-5-media-uploader-in-theme-options/">https://codestag.com/how-to-use-wordpress-3-5-media-uploader-in-theme-options/

Vogeler: Since 2015 couldnt be used with anything less cause of some core functions Halcom to do with my theme

Majestic: There is no button here

Vogeler: Emporio install the plugin i showed