Am I nuts or when I use .

Eppich: Https://

Antonopoulos: Hmm. interesting. Thanks a lot for the information, I appreciate it.

Antonopoulos: If I can’t get my code to work, do you mind helping me out?

Kosmicki: Just ask in here, I guess.

Antonopoulos: Very well then. Again, thank you.

Naber: Getting a support agreement from me, where I obligate myself to helping you, isn’t cheap 😛

Harkins: You’re welcome, and good luck.

Rabsatt: In jquery datepicker, current daey is selected default how can i remove this date?

Salmon: Hellyeah: It’s usually better to just ask your question.

Selover: That usually catches people’s intrest a lot better than asking if anyone is around.

Plessis: Hmm yes i know the suggestion but why not bind

Bachner: What is the exact reason?

Malinky: Cause they do the same thing

Malinky: And bind doesn’t do delegates

Belton: Because .on is much more flexible.

Malinky: And iirc bind is a wrapper for on currently

Malinky: Http://$.fn.bind

Fenger: Can you criticize it?

Malinky: Who? lol. ‘you’ is ambiguous

Vanlue: People who doesnt have any problem at coding jquery

Setting: Can one of you criticize it?

Crummitt: Can anyone criticize it? xD

Goodhue: Click first input and title click any month or dialog titlt to get yearlist you can go any year and any month. And do you have any suggestion about my code?

Ihm: Still has the case statement in the second part

Ihm: Why are you doing inputvalue=from in your css selector? the element has a cl***.

Helmen: Ihm: you mean after 115

Ihm: You see any other switch?

Muldrow: I fixed that switch thing

Thi: That is not necessary really

Kinsman: I forgot that detail it was on my mind

Russek: Ihm: that css thing, any harm there?

Zagami: Well i am just practicing different ways

Catoggio: Dont understand something here

Lobel: If i use thos variable var $datepickerDiv = $’#ui-datepicker-div’; var $dialogTitle = $”span.ui-dialog-title”;

Garate: That expect selectore directly instead of variable

Gurnett: I dont understand that part

Ihm: Your trying ot lookup the datepicker div before it exists

Baskett: Datepicker exist after page load

Ihm: It exists after a datepicker is initialized

Ihm: When ever, if ever, that happens

Luhr: But it happens after click event

Ihm: It’s exactly like i said it

Ihm: After the first time you initialize a datepicker, that will exist

Ihm: The datepicker becoming visible is not the initialization

Ihm: Datepicker — that is initialization

Ihm: Which should ideally only happen once per input

Lafratta: Yeah i understand sorry

Wharry: I couldnt find how can i remove current day from datepicker

Dellen: Datepicker comes with a day is selected default

Ihm: I thought you were asking for criticism on your fiddle

Ihm: Did you think there wasn’t?

Ihm: I haven’t seen the changes you’ve made either

Castrillo: Https://

Malinky: Hellyeah:

Taccetta: Am I nuts or when I use .appendcontent on a div, and that div becomes greater than the height of the browser window, the browser should allow me to scroll the page no?