I wonder if I can do nid:ev.

Pennel: Surianup: never done it, but i would expect you have to modify the d attribute

Sprouse: The path element doesn’t seam to have any useful methods to use

Griest: But I don’t know how to use it

Reau: Well then it is time to read up on it

Zimmerebner: Cork this is the code below

Thulin: Details.append ‘path’

Schexnayder: Surianup: i’m not going to code your svg modifications for you

Petralia: Surianup: look up on the spec on how to define the data of a path

Jonas: Its ok Cork don’t worry

Cauterucci: And then modify the content as you want it

Harmon: Surianup: i don’t worry

Canal: Guest100000: this seems like it maybe what your after – http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1004475/jquery-css-plugin-that-returns-computed-style-of-element-to-pseudo-clone-that-ele

Cobbley: Cork is too cool to worry :-

Bagner: Uhkis: could you give me a pointer?

Orcholski: What do you mean by backend? drupal? services module?

Beuchler: Uhkis: cool, I’m on the right path then

Spilis: Hi guys. i need some help

Chumbley: I want to detect if a certain element was clicked on a whole do***ent

Mikulec: But let’s say that this element is under some a element

Brodey: STFUn00b: what do you mean “on a whole do***ent”?

Salamy: A specific element is a specific element, it can only be in one place

Tetlow: Like anywhere on a page

Gajardo: So you mean an element type or cl*** name?

Briz: I want to attach a click handler on a whole do***ent like so $do***ent.click.

Keipe: Case the only way to know if a specific element has been clicked is to bind an event handler on that specific element

Mcgeary: And i want to detect if that click was no a certain element

Broun: Cuz maybe that element is underneath current target element

Ritenour: STFUn00b: make a jsfiddle about what you’re trying to do

Rafey: STFUn00b: if the element is under another element but not a parent it isn’t clicked

Sacarello: So you can’t use click to catch that

Ikeard: The only way to do that would be to calculate the elements coordinates and then grab the mouse position

Ranildi: STFUn00b: then again, why not just bind a click handler on the element?

Adonis: Ah, make the fiddle, that most likely makes more sense

Ravi: Guessx: .click works just as well here

Waskiewicz: Http://termbin.com/e9px — how about this one Uhkis?

Wortinger: It’s a different issue though

Yoshina: Cork; https://jsfiddle.net/Lcu061g9/

Castrey: Why i need this? i have a menu that slides from the sides. and any time someone clicks outside of that menu, i want to hide it

Searl: But if you click on a link, which is a child of that menu, i want to leave that menu opened

Miggo: Cimiano: what about it

Biez: STFUn00b: https://jsfiddle.net/Lcu061g9/1/

Gonyer: Lol sorry wrote wrong

Kroc: STFUn00b: this is what i meant to post : https://jsfiddle.net/Lcu061g9/2/

Lizardi: Cork thanks that works.

Kinnear: Closest also checks itself ?

Souffrant: STFUn00b: http://api.jquery.com/closest/

Mccrumb: Cimiano: var nid should probably be $this.data’nid’;

Vose: Uhkis: I can get nid just fine, but I can’t p*** it

Dyar: Anyone know how to change the path of an svg

Vilhauer: 680579 L98,2.99898218 C98,1.34269006 96.651936,0 95.0000981,0 L2.99990186,0 Z M2.99990186,0′

Davidian: I need to chnage this one

Ishii: I wonder if I can do nid:ev.currentTarget.dataset.nid