Cork :can you paste the.

Weisenberg: Guessx: so like this? $’button’.on’click’,’.ack’,function{

Weisenberg: Hope not, b/c that isn’t working either

Eglinton: Hey tash, sorry I was away.

Sieben: So all this content in your page; is it all static/there when the page renders, or is JS/jQuery creating it dynamically?

Bunts: Tash: that line looks for an element with the cl*** “ack” that is a child of an element button

Brose: Tash: the former selector needs to be a static parent element of the latter selector

Flakes: Tash: $”#content-body-container”.on”click”, “.ack”, function {} ;

Weisenberg: Ah, looks like that did the trick monk3y

Laessig: Tash: sorry like monk3y example, or bind it to the do***ent $do***ent.on.

Pniewski: Tash: like the guys are saying, that will bind the on”click” listener to the existing div#content-body-container, ’cause it’s there/static, and when something is clicked, it’ll only respond if the was #ackbutton.

Weisenberg: Appreciate it everyone

Weisenberg: Any reason it’s better to do that as opposed to $do***ent.on like guessx just suggested?

Creel: Yeah you can bind the on”click” to anything from the closest parent container, right up to body . but I’ve seen conflicting things about binding listeners higher than you need.

Weisenberg: 6 in one, half a dozen in the other?

Weisenberg: Ok. I’ll try to remember that.

Weisenberg: Thanks a lot, I need to bounce and get some sleep, ttyl

Guilliams: Like imagine if you end up having tens or hundreds, and they’re all bound to body. I really don’t know if that’s going to break someone’s browser :/

Madock: Http:// — why am I not getting anything here? there is data ***ociated with that uid

Welshans: Http://

Calliham: Hello. I have a question. I need to save all css properties of a DOM element, modify them and then later restore them. How can I copy all css properties ?

Hathaway: Guest1000000: you would have to loop ComputedStyle

Whitledge: Unless you only want to store inline css

Ketelaar: No, I want to store the whole “css object”.

Moots: Http:// Uhkis

Ryker: The drupal view has been configured to filter on the current logged in user

Brzoska: Guest1000000:

Eckle: You need to store the values from that method

Cockriel: There is no css object

Biedermann: Cimiano: no one is logged in in that request

Donahoe: If I cloned the DOM element, would it also have css props cloned ?

Murilla: Uhkis: I get uid back

Cordy: Cork: Ah, I thought it would do the trick : Thanx for the answer.

Hollow: Doesn’t that mean success?

Belflower: Guest1000000: css is separate, you have a style sheet and a style tree with selectors

Corea: Guest1000000: dom is complete independent of this

Sesser: How to change the path of svg

Bertsche: Http://

Glander: Ah, you mean a path element

Shopbell: Cimiano: you get correct data back from the login, but you’re not using the login in the next request

Shaklee: Surianup: you have to reach into the svg dom and then find the path element

Widhalm: Just like you would with an iframe

Journey: Uhkis: you mean data:{uid:data.user.uid} ?

Lohr: Cork but dont know how to change, actually I need to increase the width of the tooltip

Hovsepian: Cimiano: read the docs of your backend on how to make authenticated requests

Rosi: Cork :can you paste the code as the .html file in