Ah – couldn’t find anything.

Patino: Pixolin: jointswp also allows topbar navigation out of the box, whereas foundationpress only proposes off canvas, it seems.

Malas: Ok, i’ll start again from these links. ty both of you

Rudisell: After all it really depends what kind of layout you want to use. the most difficult part is the walker

Patino: Pixolin: is the walker only for menu building ? Or is it a more general tool ?

Abney: I’m speaking of the Custom Walker for wp_nav_menu – you need to add the Foundation cl***es to the menu.

Pendegraft: As discussed here: wordpress-menus">http://foundation.zurb.com/forum/posts/438-enabling-foundation-5-nav-with-wordpress-menus

Patino: Pixolin: ok. I changed it a bit to customize a menu, but didn’t look into it in detail.

Axford: Hi dudes. I’m developing a plugin that requires custom tables. To avoid reinventing the whell and risking not to use some useful wordpress functionnalities I’m here to ask you something: Can you give me a link github or anything to a plugin example that would use well custom tables. With the basic add/delete/modify functions for each lines of a table in an administration page.

Pender: Why do you need custom tables?

Garant: Are you searching something as https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/tablepress/ ?

Tomme: Pretty sure he means databse tables

Ellena: Or maybe not from his last line

Schoolcraft: Or https://----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/plugins/data-tables-generator-by-supsystic/ ?

Delmoro: IIRC bZx was here yesterday asking for this to create a list of gift certificates in the admin area. Where s/he could see if they were redeemed or not – but doing everything manually.

Urraca: Why not use woocommerce

Munuz: Khu: I think you’re confusing me with someone else.

Youell: Darudev_: I don’t search for a plugin that generate tables. I’m speaking of database custom tables indeed. I think you’re second link could maybe help me . will take a look at it.

Delmoro: Sorry bZx it is kind of funny the same question in two days was brought up.

Narducci: Why do you need manual tables?

Momper: What’s wrong with user wordpress‘ ?

Arnt: To making a plugin for a client.

Dallesandro: To make* a plugin for a client.

Delbridge: Most plugins use WordPress‘ table

Hower: Are you making the ***umption you must create your own tables for your own plugins?

Waninger: If so that’s not an accurate one

Salonia: Since it’s not related to posts, users, . or anything actually used in the wordpress basic tables I suppose I should.

Nap: Nope, almost everything in WordPress or can be built into WordPress is a post type

Principe: Take woocommerce for example, it’s a webshop plugin. Products are actually posts. Most plugins use wordpress‘s tables and most stuff are actually just posts

Lehew: If it is a post type, you can use the default tables

Redline: Post = one type of post-type, page = another type of post type

Gradillas: It’s for a formation organism. I need formations categories. certifications. both are linked to formations. formations can have many sessions. Each session have one formation place and do***ents.

Cahan: Is this possible to include such data structure in wordpress original tables or should I use my own ?

Ester: It’s just a post-type + taxonomy tied to a post-type

Callez: And yes you would include this into wordpress‘ own tables

Scalia: Ok thank you I was already thinking I was doing it wrong but I didn’t know how I should have done it

Zaucha: DO a little bit of googling on how to create custom post types

Pollio: I’m having an odd issue where the admin menu isn’t rendering properly when I add a custom post type. It’s like it skips a few lines and knocks everything off center. I can’t see it should be a php error, which i first expected

Benafield: Ah – couldn’t find anything on it. Anything I can do as a workaround?