I get TypeError: t.gete+1.

Gangler: And ftw you really don’t need the each

Girten: I think the issue is maybe on line 59 then

Druetta: When it goes to the next case-slide it is not firing the code that runs like it does when you first visit the site

Gangler: Right, it wouldn’t the way you have it

Upshur: Thus the case video is not playing and it skips directly to the quesiton list

Gigger: I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out where the lapse in my logic is

Silton: Do you have any idea?

Gangler: So one thing that is striking me is that your doing a binding ln 42 in the fiddle i linked inside an event handler

Gangler: There’s potential there for double binding

Skibski: Is that causing this issue?

Gangler: Unless they can’t click the same question list li more than once

Gangler: So yeah you got a problem there

Salvia: Is that casuing the case video not to play?

Hashmi: Or is that another issue

Gangler: Can’t tell with out a working example of the issue. but double bindings will the majority of the time cause issues

Lazarus: To make a working example would take a while haha

Gangler: Just stating it. i can only look at the logic as it is

Kaminaka: Are you sure the double binding may cause that?

Steffensmeier: I think I am literally just missing some logic after line 59

Cower: When it goes to the next slide

Gangler: Are you seeing any of your logs repeated multiple times when they should not? you have a couple in there in that binding doing the activeIndex and a couple other messages

Montella: The video is not playing shows up twice

Smiley: But that doesn’t explain why the case-video isn’t playing

Gangler: Ok, so that could just be both the videos are ending

Gangler: Do you see the ‘video has ended’ any where?

Wittke: Yes it triggers as expected when the question’s corresponding video has ended

Gangler: Put a console log in the else of that one. see if you ever see it log

Medcalf: Line 49 only trigges when there are no slides left

Eschenbach: That is the concluding video and that is working

Gangler: Right i want to confirm that it is firing

Denson: I see “The concluding video should be showing”

Gangler: Ok, i believe ln 46 is wrong

Gangler: Are all of these case-slide’s siblings?

Gangler: Dang, lol, so that’s fine, -_-

Gangler: And they are the only siblings in their parent

Zieglen: The cl*** changes when it iterates up

Moscicki: I am pretty sure the error is in the else on 58

Canonico: Are we missing logic to fire the next case-slide’s video

Gangler: Ok, so throw that in there

Hopper: Throw video.get0.play; in there

Gangler: Does changing the active slide update the player to be the right video?

Gangler: You can throw that play in there, but it may be the wrong video unless your updating it some where else in the logic

Gangler: Or are there multiple videos?

Lardydell: When i throw video.get0.play; in there it plays the first one!

Grannell: But not the current active slide’s one

Gangler: Yeah you gotta get the one related to your active index

Butts: Hmm how would I achieve that? in an if statement?

Gangler: Video.getthis is the index no?.play

Sethi: I put activeIndex in there?

Gangler: Which you should probably remove it from the old one also

Buell: I get TypeError: t.gete+1.play is not a function. In ‘t.gete+1.play’, ‘t.gete+1.play’ is undefined