Else { this is an else.

Lomanto: When I use video.getactiveIndex +1.play;

Gangler: Try video.last.get.play

Gangler: Dunno about that then

Petersdorf: TypeError: t.last.get.play is not a function. In ‘t.last.get.play’, ‘t.last.get.play’ is undefined

Gangler: Console.log video.last.get

Seales: Gangler I get div cl***=”js-media-player plyr case-video plyr–video plyr–stopped”

Gangler: So you have case-video on things that are not videos

Gangler: What is console.log video.first.get ; ?

Mclyman: The generic video cl*** is case-video

Whitver: The main videos only have the cl*** of main-video

Swiggum: Gangler does that help at all?

Gangler: Try logging the first of the video

Chiarmonte: Video cl***=”main-video case-video” 1

Gangler: Yeah that makes more sense

Gangler: Ok for your video selector on ln 79 change it to ‘video.case-video’

Abuel: What about video.main-video?

Gangler: If that matches all the videos that you are concerned about, sure

Huckaby: Video.getactiveIndex + 1.play; works

Kithcart: When I change it to main-video

Gangler: Cause now your trying to play an actual video instead of a div, ;

Leighton: I didnt even change it to video.main-video though

Gangler: That’s fine so long as that cl*** is only on video elements

Barletta: Because main-video is the video cl***

Malama: Gangler I can hear the video playing but cant see it

Gangler: Console.log $’.question-video’.length, $’.main-video’.length ;

Gangler: Heck, throw it in your console

Gangler: So that’s possibly an issue

Gangler: Another thing, the videos your trying to play, are they a child of the case-slide?

Ronan: If you check this https://jsfiddle.net/y6v8m1Lc/1/

Boynton: Don’t I need stuff like on lines 39 down

Reifman: I dont think this is a thing tho: ideo.getactiveIndex + 1.on’ended’,function{

Cipkowski: Video.getactiveIndex + 1.on’ended’,function{

Ticknor: TypeError: t.gete+1.on is not a function. In ‘t.gete+1.on’, ‘t.gete+1.on’ is undefined

Gangler: No cause your breaking out of the jquery object

Gangler: Use eq instead of get in that instance

Gangler: But again, is the video you are trying to play a child of your active slide?

Reineccius: Video.eqactiveIndex + 1.on’ended’,function{ ?

Gangler: You still haven’t answered my q though, 😛

Gangler: Is the video you want to play a child of the active slide

Mccardell: It is a div within an li

Bottaro: Where the li is the active-slide

Gangler: So to reference it you could just do $’.active-slide’.find’.main-video’

Rowald: Well there is one more issue, the stupid curbside consult video plays when it goes to the next video

Kicklighter: Https://jsfiddle.net/y6v8m1Lc/2/

Whetzel: I try to hide it on 54

Tramp: But it it showing while the new main-video is playing underneath it

Gangler: Are you seeing the concluding video should be showing message log again?

Barrasa: Gangler i see the console but the video is set to display none

Gangler: If your seeing that log after your logging for the else, then your handler is processing again

Gangler: Did you take out the logging for the else block?

Sabatino: The concluding video plays taplar

Gangler: That’s not the else block

Voshell: Gangler what do you mean

Gangler: Else { this is an else block }