That block should only run.

Osier: There are many restrictions on iframe, can’t apply css in iframe

Takenaka: So then this form builder is not the right solution for what you need.

Steinburg: Hi, how do I do something like this: $this+” tr”.each.

Chilen: Overkamp, is not working :

Payen: I am trying to find each tr in the table

Hodgin: But from the same table it was clicked

Overkamp: Try $this.find’tr’.each

Zempel: Overkamp, doesn’t work :, tried it before

Overkamp: Pastebin me your code

Scheperle: Overkamp,

Overkamp: Well, that should work

Oberlies: It works with just $”tr”.each

Dacres: Overkamp, logs nothing

Gradilla: How can I determine the current select when I use multiple id selectors with .changefunction {?

Lipkind: Presumably it’s this?

Kilman: Or you can . functione { var el = $; } ?

Shaggy: Gaiter: thank you, that worked

Ursprung: Hi, anyone have any idea why the code from lines 88 to 104 would not fire each time a new slide is loaded? When I click on the curbside-consult on a new slide it plays the previous slides video

Mitnick: I can’t figure it out :/

Truskowski: Are ‘new slides’ being added after this script has run?

Ulcena: I think something may be wrong

Cesare: Gaiter I think I need those lines after the else on line 58 as well

Unck: Because otherwise it won’t fire the main-video-wrapper’s video when it iterates to the next one

Mcgilvery: Try to reduce it and make a fiddle

Koogler: But does that make sense what I said?

Ghera: Are you literally searching for a cl*** that is name true and a cl*** named false Konye ?

Wechter: That cl*** name is spit out in php

Tompson: Based on a conditional

Barricelli: Well its impossible to know whats going on without error messages in the console etc

Sporman: Well what happens is that each slide should have a case-video

Wardman: It fires on load and plays that first main video then the quiz pops up, but when you pick true, it should go to the next case video, but it skips directly to the questions slide

Hooser: So my logic is *****ed up

Wisniewski: You can see the case video stuff around line 79

Catone: I recommend debugging, its difficult to ***ist you with such a large script and being blind

Thone: But I think we need to tie that back into lines 58 or something.

Yake: And not getting any error console msgs

Ruschmann: Well i dont think its an error

Hamm: I think my logic is just wrong

Blyze: The problem is when i click on that consult button

Rossa: It plays the consult video from the first slide

Frost: Not from the current active-slide

Locket: My head is gonna explode :

Tumlin: Stop and step through the code

Neale: See where the logic goes wrong

Ung: Thats awful but there are good resource s out there on debugging / setting break points

Moreida: Https://

Emerton: Man they need to consolidate all that stuff

Gangler: Http://

Sivak: Anyone else have any idea?

Gangler: Https:// so the video does start playing?

Schoening: Gangler I think the problem is here:

Klish: The case-video does not play after you answer true

Gangler: That block should only run once