Why are you doing this.

Soll: Because the current form was built to store a transaction order,

Szychowski: You can ask. whether or not i answer is a different question berpcor

Klaren: How big is your weiner?

Szychowski: Deryco not funny or appropriate ;

Kobylarz: Szychowski: but now, the client wants to add an additional note, that is not related to the transaction item, but related to the client account

Rathai: Szychowski: How often are you here? Is there any other way to get in touch with you?

Szychowski: Berpcor i’m here most weekdays.

Szychowski: But don’t look for only me.

Szychowski: There are a lot of people that can help you in here pretty regularly.

Szychowski: Plus asking in the channel will allow others to chime in and learn from your experiences.

Reineck: But not all of them patient and are able to explain

Szychowski: Berpcor heh, sorry man.

Coltrain: So in summary, I was looking maybe to embed an input and once the user saves the content, I can use an external form to store the content and send an ajax to store that note

Szychowski: Those are the breaks.

Szychowski: Raul782 are you using x-editable just for the tooltip-style thing it pops up?

Rippentrop: But x-editable always adds this form, which is messing up with my parent form

Szychowski: So you just want the click-to-edit part?

Szychowski: Depending on some details, you could probably build that yourself.

Szychowski: Render out a hidden input that you toggle display on it and the link.

Ludeman: Szychowski: I knew the answer, I am not sure that I would answer in a different way Just asked

Szychowski: Berpcor it’s more a matter of needing to maintain a personal life and be able to disconnect :

Szychowski: But the other part is also really salient – let others try to help you.

Teel: Yeah, that was my last option, I was hoping to use any plugin that did the job, lazy-me :/

Szychowski: Raul782 nah not lazy.

Szychowski: But you really not need all the features of something like x-editable.

Szychowski: You could look for a click-to-edit plugin on google maybe?

Mullineaux: Szychowski: Exactly. Some people I get in touch with are asking too much, anytime they want. But. I hope they will not refuse when I’ll need their help, that’s the only thing I console myself

Szychowski: Either way, just ask here.

Szychowski: You should have a pretty good success rate.

Risbeck: Besides, thank you very much for help.

Malinoski: Szychowski: thanks, I’ll build my own for now, it will be faster, already wasted one hour trying to fit the other plugins.

Szychowski: Raul782 : fair enough.

Sarlinas: Szychowski: About my issue again. As I said user have to wait of initialisation of gallery after clicking the image. In fact, I load images only for getting its size. I can handel it using php by inserting data to code.

Szychowski: Don’t generate js using php.

Moncivais: Ok, got it. I won’t, then.

Searfoss: I need do it automatically after dom is ready?

Szychowski: You can load them on demand.

Steinlicht: On demand – yes. But again, user should wait.

Szychowski: What is the user waiting on?

Szychowski: Like, what are you building?

Szychowski: You could shorten that to $do***ent.readydoActionsForInitializingGallery

Szychowski: So it’s an image gallery?

Acero: So that, when user will click image, gallery will be ready.

Parayuelos: Szychowski: http://photoswipe.com/

Szychowski: That also uses a carousel.

Szychowski: When you expand them.

Szychowski: Why are you doing this dynamically on the frontend then?