I can use selectable, but.

Prunty: Kulelu88: youre on the wrong fiddle

Huitt: Kulelu88: the 13 one has that brainfart fixed

Wrich: Would this work?: $’name=”todoName”‘

Maniscalco: Would this work?: $’name=”todoName”‘

Kranwinkle: Pingula2 $’#todoName’ will work if the element has “todoName” as the value for its “id” attribute

Gruhlke: Pingula2: $’name=”todoName”‘ should work fine

Toca: Uhkis I didn’t actually think of that to be honest

Glickman: Https://jsfiddle.net/fvLpnxcd/ so when first time board run, i can click cell and change color, but after press start button i can’t

Lykke: Given a returned xml in a .ajax statement, how would I select the tagname of it’s root? The foo: fooinsidecontent/insidecontent/foo I tried $data.find”:first”.nodeName and get undefined.

Stermer: I am new at all this and I have trouble with keyboard/mouse management conflicting between jqueryUI and openlayers

Zusman: Is there a tuto somewhere explaining how to handle those together properly?

Redenbaugh: Hi guys, i’m using load http://dpaste.com/0226G56 but i don’t understand the behavior

Beasly: The DOM has 2 id “content” one with the attribute style:”display:block”

Goldberger: Id identifier a unique number or name to. identify an element

Mccready: Decx: but i need to replace the element section id=”content” ,,, with section id=”content” cl***=”bg-cyan” and its childs

Wanke: Proably with the load i can’t achieve this, because looks like the loa creates a new DIV

Juen: Load replaces the inner html with whatever you are loading in

Raup: It does not replace the node you are running the method on

Forrister: Realnot: ya, you would have to use ajax and $.replace

Oszust: Realnot: alternatively you could change what the server sends so the #content element isn’t included

Krzyminski: I didn’t even know you could select part of the contents of a url like that

Effler: You can’t normally, but .load splits everything after the first space into a selector

Muresan: I personally don’t like those solutions, its hacky

Blomstrom: But if you can’t correct the server data it is a workaround

Shilleh: Am I taking the wrong approach to this? http://codepen.io/anon/pen/VaNKBP?editors=1111

Huffstutler: Hi. is there anyway for a alert/popup et. al. to stay for a say like 5 seconds ?

Swistak: Smgs: not with alert.use a custom modal and you can

Huffstutler: D-rex: how to make it work ? the popup stays it does not fades out.

Huffstutler: Http://api.jqueryui.com/dialog/

Otting: Http://pastebin.com/uQtjpbxW

Huffstutler: D-rex can that code be converted to javascript ? or run in javascript elements etc ? thanks

Huffstutler: Possible in javascript ?

Huffstutler: When in run it it says $ not defined.

Huffstutler: Uncaought typeError.$not defined

Ebrahim: Are you including jquery before your other scripts

Huffstutler: No. how to add/include. it it not my website etc.

Toomer: Http://pastebin.com/0icpDaGR

Mehis: And make sure you add jquery ui for the dialog

Huffstutler: D-rex http://pastebin.com/z7WVN7AQ still getting error

Huffstutler: It is not my website etc

Huffstutler: I am using chrome console to get it.

Heilman: Look at answer here.http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7474354/include-jquery-in-the-javascript-console

Huffstutler: It worked once then it stopped. D-rex

Grambling: How can I enable/disable chunked upload of a file in a ajax post request?

Stauss: Hey guys is there a way to undestroy selectable?

Koback: I can use selectable, but in order to allow it to be draggable i have to destroy selectable. unless there is a better way im sure there is