OK, will do, thanks. I’m.

Loll: Hey guys, I am trying to make selectable work with draggable, here is my fiddle https://jsfiddle.net/UnfixedSNIPERJ/3gggh6bg/5/

Sclavi: When i select a row draggable works, but if i unselect it and select a different row, the other rows that were previously selected are still draggable

Dewaters: I noticed that the ui-draggable cl*** remains even when ui-selected is removed when deselected, could that be part of the problem?

Graveline: So i have a bit of a problem, form returns respons with length 0 and 231b http://pastie.org/private/x2e64bf9szqcmfq922bfsa

Forney: I’m using the jquery datatable plugin and i’m trying to customize a few options. What I’m attempting to do is change the background of the table heading when sorting is selected on a column

Eben: Http://live.datatables.net/sagefome/1/edit

Jourdain: The problem is that my colum header only changes the background color highlight on the click and it doesnt remain afterwards

Eget: I declared some variables inside $.read but they’re not accessible through page specifically Chrome Developer Console

Gumbert: Why is that happening?

Walrod: Hi guys. im not sure why but i cant select the next li element after the one which has .active cl***

Walrod: Could someone help? https://jsfiddle.net/u5dtgzzo/2/

Mander: Tocka: because .next only finds sibling elements that share the same direct parent, and your .active li doesn’t have any next siblings

Walrod: What would be the best way to get the next element then? If there is a next element li that is 😮

Eliasen: I’d give a cl*** to all direct children of .sidebar-menu and then you can do $’.active’.closest’.thatcl***’.next or something like that

Forti: Interesting. i wouldn’t have thought of that

Bridgers: I’m not sure that will work though

Esera: If there can be more uls then he’d need to check if .next returned a ul or a li

Nuzback: I was thinking of adding a cl*** and using index and eq but idk if that’s a bad idea for some reason

Caughran: Yea that can work too

Thornberry: Folks, how would I go about on an event firing taking the current position of a cursor in a textbox and selecting all text on that line between any spaces?

Liberty: Thornberry: when do you want this?

Dornak: As the user types, or clicks or what?

Thornberry: Well, basically, in my markdown editor when someone type !Image Name in the preview on the right a placeholder image now shows combined with a file upload. The user clicks the placeholder, selects and image and then it uploads to the server and returns the image path. I’d like to take the returned data and replace !Image Name with !Image Namepath Cork

Blatz: That didn’t answer the question

Schaner: WHEN do you want to make the search

Thornberry: Basically, when the response fro the server is successful

Thornberry: Just trying to think of the best way to do it, and I thought using jquery to select !Image Name and make a copy, as the input changes

Stonum: What you need to do is grab the current selection object from the textarea

Thornberry: Then when the response is successful, search the text box for and replace

Zwerschke: How you do this differs from browser to browser

Ruggiero: From there you can get the character offset for the caret

Nguen: And from that you get where in the string to search for the text

Thornberry: OK, thanks, though the text being searched for will be different each time

Thornberry: So, $‘textarea’.prop‘selectionStart’ would get the current position of the cursor?

Scaglione: No, like i said it differs between browsers

Provenzo: You need two solutions for it to work reliably

Harshaw: Google it there are plenty of examples around

Thornberry: OK, will do, thanks. I’m only supporting modern browsers with this app