Uhkis: it saves the X, but.

Ihm: Hey, let it never be said that Ihm doesn’t want to be a better person

Eisenmenger: Hello I’m writing a basic jQuery plugin. I’m using .scroll to add and remove cl***es based on an offset value and I

Eisenmenger: Damn enter button. Every time. I’d like to use a selector like $”.my-cl***” within my “this.scroll_.debouncefunction { $”.my-cl***”.each. } ” in my “$.fn.scroller = function options ” but I’m not sure how to p*** a reference to jQuery into thete

Eisenmenger: This refers to the window

Keala: Http://pastebin.com/5wWT63RU — any idea why i keep getting updateClock is not defined

Asman: Compact: because it’s not global and calling setTimeout/Interval with a string evaluates it in the global scope. never call setTimeout with a string. do this instead: setIntervalupdateClock, 1000

Duane: Say I have a function that I want to fire 1 second after a button was pressed, but pressing the button again resets the timer, what’s the best way to do this in a way that’s flexible and allows me to hook it to different events without the timers interfering one with the other?

Manzanarez: Hey guys, I have a script that allows users to use .selectable on table rows. Is there a way that when I use .draggable instead of dragging all of the rows it drags a different css element that is hidden until dragged?

Czapla: Does anyone know how to detect 2 cl***name and have an if else for them?

Komm: Div cl***=”page1 active”/div

Debenedetti: Div cl***=”page2″/div

Gayfield: If the user goes to page2, it will be

Padovano: Div cl***=”page1″/div

Hochadel: Div cl***=”page2 active”/div

Brambila: Hello all. How do I add some text to the start of a localstorage item ?

Kamel: Just get it and reset it

Vanoflen: Uhkis: this is what I tried: https://pastee.org/fvfje please see my edited code at the bottom

Turnow: Kulelu88: you forgot the keyname

Sinyard: Kulelu88: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Storage/setItem

Exley: Can it be like this: localStorage.setItemparentId,”x ” + parentId; ? Uhkis

Bertotti: That’s the correct syntax, yes

Cofrancesco: Doesn’t seem to work Uhkis

Bouthillette: Https://github.com/metafizzy/flickity/issues/377

Bolan: Kulelu88: make a fiddle

Codilla: Uhkis: https://jsfiddle.net/1r5c3oeu/10/ – I tried that latest option from a SO question

Bertoni: As I understand, using get and set is better though

Barts: Kulelu88: so what’s supposed to happen here

Hinshaw: Uhkis: when you click on the ‘tick’, it adds an ‘x’ to the start of the item

Mahar: It doesn’t seem to be doing that

Lemansky: So this was not about localstorage at all

Cima: Well it kind of is, because I need to access the item, add an ‘x’ to the start of it

Krenek: Https://jsfiddle.net/1r5c3oeu/11/ like this?

Greenbacker: Https://jsfiddle.net/1r5c3oeu/13/

Lefkowitz: Wow, that worked excellent thank you Uhkis

Burgess: Just 1 question. can you explain what this does: $this.prev.textnewText; ?

Muina: Lets say I have three fields one is required city second requires state and the third one is required zip code so i want to fill zipcode automatically when city and states are filled? any idea how can i do that?

Zall: Kulelu88: prev selects the previous element and text sets the new text

Osollo: Uhkis: which previous element? apologies if i’m sounding noobish

Vizcaino: Kulelu88: it’s the a cl***=”editable ui-btn” before it

Rosener: Which holds the todo items text

Meskill: Uhkis: removing that will break the functionality right/

Hassard: Well then it just doesnt change the text

Junor: Uhkis: it saves the X, but when I refresh, the x is gone. also, my console gives this error: ReferenceError: nextText is not defined